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MUSIC: Torn Shorts Celebrates Release of Through the Mill at Dusk

Monday, February 18, 2013


Torn Shorts released its second album Through The Mill in front of a packed house at Dusk on Friday.

It was Friday night at Providence's Dusk as Torn Shorts unveiled their second album Through The Mill to the excited masses and followed it up with one hell of a show in front of a packed house. Morris & The East Coast and Route .44 shared the stage with good vibes and fantastic music. If you were looking for a remedy to jumpstart your weekend, the abundance of rock & roll at Dusk was just what the doctor ordered.

Morris & The East Coast

Morris & The East Coast featuring Dave Davignon on drums, Ryan Crowley on bass, James Rutter on lead guitar and Chris Morris on rhythm guitar and vocals kicked the evening off with their groovy & soulful sounds. "I Lost My Telephone", "Cat In A Dish", "Highway", "Go Down Slow", "Messed Up", "Rock n' Roll", "Soul" and "Debt" encompassed an amazing performance that had the crowd nestled up right in front of the stage. Morris & The East Coast came out with a 4 song EP titled There's A High Moon that was released this past December on their Bandcamp page, download it and put your ears in a euphoric state.

Route .44

Route .44 came up next with their spectacular fusion of big band jazz, old-school blues and rhythmic rock & roll and had people jumpin' and bumpin' right from the beginning. "Change Is What You Said", "Poisoned The Well", "Stepping Stone", "Brighter Than The Sun", a rendition of Tom Waits' "Way Down The Hole" followed by a sax-filled version of "One Way Out" by The Allman Brothers, "PTSD", "Maybe", "Redeemed" and "Worthless Lessons" highlighted an explosive set that had everyone shaking their hips and having a blast. Route .44 will be playing at Local 121 in downtown Providence on March 1st, another chance to see one of the best bands currently rocking The Creative Capital.

Torn Shorts

Before Torn Shorts went up to finish off a concert for the ages, they played a music video for "Paint A Picture" on the projector screen featuring scenes from a Pawtucket Red Sox game at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket as part of an upcoming documentary called The Balls To Prove It, it definitely gave the good warm feeling of summer on a cold winter night. Torn Shorts then proceeded to tear it up with "Wishing Well", "Sunday Morning", "Paint A Picture", "Brow St.", "It's A Feelin' and then "Howlin" featuring Ashley Root on backing vocals. Midway they gave away a bunch of stuff via a raffle including t-shirts, pins, hats, a copy of Through The Mill and even a bass guitar.

Then they went back to blowing up the joint with "Devil", "Dying Houses", "Whiskey Song", "KDubbs", "Life On A River", "Airline To Heaven" and "Take My Soul" to end a set that lasted nearly 2 hours. After the initial performance the audience cheered and went absolutely crazy, Torn Shorts then came back with a thunderous version of Jimi Hendrix's "In From The Storm" for a stunning encore. Man was this a show that will be forever etched into my memory, you better get Torn Shorts' new album Through The Mill and go see them live because both the album and the band themselves will make your jaw drop while asking for more. Another great night at Dusk, log on to duskprovidence.com or just stop by and see what's going on at a very cool establishment for live music that guarantees a good time.


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