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MUSIC: The Universes Take Dusk To Another Planet

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Eclectic avant-garde noise indie rock: The Universes.

On a rainy Tuesday evening at Dusk in the factory district of Providence, amazing local music dominated the stage at one of the best new live music venues in The Creative Capital. Shane Hall, Raven King, Ask The Dead and The Universes rocked minds and souls to oblivion for a night that nobody could forget. A classy and dark ambience made the perfect scene for spectacular tunes and chill vibes that guaranteed nothing but a great time.

Shane Hall

A burly, bearded man by the name Shane Hall and his unique mix of folk tunes and hip-hop anthems started the night off right with a unique performance to say the least. Beginning the set with an acoustic guitar and playing "Sad Song" along with a version of Leonard Cohen's "First We Take Manhattan", Hall then proceeded to jump on top of a chair at the bar and sing an original neo-R&B song "That's What They Paid For". Hall went into rapping mode and started spitting rhymes on "Sound Of The Snake, "My City", "The Odd Man Out Hypothesis" and "Better Weird Than Dead". A genre-shattering transition into a folktronica (yes that's a word) version of Willie Nelson's "Still Is Still Moving To Me" and ending it with "My Beard" left me in amazement at how a musician can cros sover so many types of music in 35 minutes. Next time Shane Hall plays, you better go because he's going to blow you away.

Raven King

Formerly Iosoce, power trio Raven King went up next with somber lyrics and powerful riffs that shook the floor. Songs like "World's Below", "Full", "Drool", "Feast" and "Carnival" highlighted an emphatic array of loud guitars and pulsating rhythms that left the crowd in a buzz-filled daze. Let's hope next time Raven King plays, they'll keep the new name and still rock your socks off.

Ask The Dead

Punk rockers Ask The Dead consisting of Dan Guedes on drums, Brandon Perkins on lead guitar, Steve Ellis on bass and Alan Hague on rhythm guitar along with his voice that screamed bloody murder melted faces with a dynamic performance. "So It Goes", "Get Through", "The Leans", "Vampire Hours", "Stockholm Syndrome" "Human Resources", and "Song For Jesse" set the room on fire, straight up loud rock & roll with reckless abandon. Ask The Dead has an EP out called Signal To Noise, some of the best punk rock to come out of Providence in a very long time.

The Universes

The Universes with Jeremy Joubert on baritone guitar, Bryan Reynolds on drums and Dusty T. Rooney on vocals and guitar headlined the show and brought their eclectic brand of avant-garde noise indie rock to the forefront. Ear-shredding while at the same time stifling like The Pixies combined with a vat of black sludge, this power trio has the ability to cause the next New England earthquake. People were jumping up an down like pogo sticks to "Rowboat", "Blood Money", "Hospitals", "You Photograph Well", "Gold Mind" "American Football" and "Sexy Dreams", a one of a kind audience interaction that no other band can deliver. Another fantastic night of local music in Providence, log on to www.duskprovidence.com for all the info on the next music experience that you surely don't want to miss.

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