MUSIC: The ‘Mericans Bring Glory To The Parlour

Monday, May 20, 2013


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Local heartland rock & rollers heading up a great show at The Parlour--The 'Mericans.

On Thursday at The Parlour in Providence, local heartland rock & rollers The 'Mericans were the marquee act playing two sets as part of a show chock full of some of The Creative Capital's best musicians that was sure to be pleasing to the ears. Daniel Chase and Detroit Rebellion rounded out the bill that guaranteed a wonderful evening of tunes. With the amount of talent on stage, you knew it was going to be a good night at The Parlour.

Daniel Chase

One of my favorite singer-songwriters in the city, Daniel Chase started things off with his fantastic songs and wholehearted voice. A performance that included "Turn You On", "Soft And Slow", "John's Song", "Let Go", "Time Machine", "Stoned on Broadway" and "It Can Be Beautiful" was a thing of beauty, if you haven't gotten the chance to see Daniel live you absolutely should. Speaking of seeing Daniel live, he'll be part of an amazing bill at The Columbus Theatre to celebrate Bob Dylan's Birthday on May 24th. Head on over and see a plethora of Rhode Island's best musicians covering a bunch of classics.

The 'Mericans

Music that takes you back, resonates a groove and is just flat out amazing, The 'Mericans came up next with their sheer rock & roll brilliance and lit the room up. "Born Again", "Charlotte", "Hickory Wind", a rendition of Stringbuilder's "Horses", "Velvet Crush", "Badlands At Daybreak", "Car" featuring Guy Benoit from Thee Hydrogen Terrors on vocals, "X-Ray", "Up A Creek" and "Off The Trail" showed what The 'Mericans do best, that's rocking the joint to oblivion. It was only their first set of the evening and I was definitely excited to see what they had in store.

Detroit Rebellion

A really cool bluesy duo that has rhythms so fast you'll be hit like a freight train roaring through straw house, Detroit Rebellion will always leave a jaw-dropping impression by making the simplest songs seem utterly dynamic. "Fire", "Trash Talk", "Detroit Rebellion '67", "Dark Lady", "Fork In The Road" and "Dirty Boots" had Detroit Rebellion going eerily quiet to incredibly loud in the finest fashion. Detroit Rebellion will be playing at The Midway Cafe in Boston on June 13th, head on up via I-95 or The T and check out an amazing duo you have to keep your eyes on.

The 'Mericans redux

The 'Mericans came back to finish the night with their second set of the night that featured an excellent mix of local band covers and stunning originals. Kicking it off with a version of The Low Anthem's "Apothecary Love" and then into a flurry that consisted of "Mason Dixon", a cover of Scarce's "Something", "Hangover", a version of The Raindogs' "Lay Your Heart, Keep Beatin'", a rendition of The Figgs' "Embrace The Train" and a great finale consisting of a version of Pink Floyd's "Fearless" to cap off a great night of tunes. Like a lot of people, you've probably have searched far and wide for a band that plays good rock songs and has lyrics that get stuck in your head. Consider The 'Mericans that treasure you've been looking for, they're playing at The Burnside Park Beer Garden Series in downtown Providence on August 29th so enjoy some brews and awesome music on what should be a fine summer day. The Parlour is one of my favorite places to get a drink, munch on some food and indulge on live music. Check out their Facebook page to see what's happening next.


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