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MUSIC: Tapestries Ring In The Release Of New Album At The Columbus

Monday, October 28, 2013


On the heels of their new self-titled album, Tapestries gave a performance to remember at the Columbus Theatre Friday.

Since its grand reopening nearly a year ago, The Columbus Theatre in the west end has been the home for countless special events in The Creative Capital. This past Friday was no different with Tapestries celebrating the release of their new self-titled album for what was to be an unforgettable evening. Progressive noisemakers 14 Foot 1, Lo-fi blues duo Pat's Wife, groovy rock & rollers The Heavies, and surf-noir act Volcano Kings were part of an epic all-local bill of remarkable musical talents. There's always a sense of historical meaning when you see a show at The Columbus, but this time around you had the heartwarming experience of seeing one of the most talented and hardest working bands in Providence finally getting their due.

14 Foot 1

A stellar trio of musicians that never ceases to induce a state of genuine amazement, 14 Foot 1 shredded the upstairs lobby (yes, the lobby) with an emphatically complex sound that they can only call their own. Consisting of The Rice Cakes' Casey Belisle on drums and Robert Forsythe dueling Brad Krieger on guitars, they kicked things off for an epic start. Reminiscent of seeing an Olneyville factory show where everyone is huddled around a band that is resonating pure fury, I was convinced 14 Foot 1's intensity was going to cause people to go into a full body orgasm. It was rhythmic therapy for the mind and a dose of excellence for the soul. 14 Foot 1 killed it and you have to see them the next time they play in Providence. They have an EP out called Two that will get you in the mood until they grace the stage of your favorite music venue.

Pat's Wife

Beauty in simplicity, Pat's Wife consists of Nick Petrarca on guitar and Robin Hewson. They took things over on the upstairs stage with a glowingly ambient sound. The duo resonates emotion but in a soothing way; it'll hit you just as hard as any full band. A dark spookiness permeated the room with an improvised performance, no structure, and plenty of feeling. It's only guitar, vocals, and loops but it'll leave an impression on you. Go check out Pat's Wife and enjoy.

The Heavies

Austin Hevey's songwriting is one of those unknown treasures in Rhode Island. With his growling voice and impeccable skills on guitar along with Andy Wilmarth on bass and Tapestries' Seamus Sullivan on drums, The Heavies were as good as ever on the upstairs stage. "Go Ride", "Laurie Pt. 7" and "Panama Girls" highlighted a performance that received a huge applause from the audience. They're working on a new album, but check out The Heavies' BandCamp to see what they already have.

Volcano Kings

A few bands like to talk about how freaky they are; how they'll wow you with that they got. Unfortunately they're not the Volcano Kings, so they have no merit. These crazy mofos who like to creep around and make you boogie with their spy-surf-noir sound lit the night on fire. "Woah! Uncle Bob There's A Robot Invasion!", "Space Warp To Zombie Cougar Planet", "UFO Pork Pie" and a stunning rendition of Tapestries' "Eye Contact" were part of an array of songs that took the festivities to an all-time high. Volcano Kings have music available on their BandCamp but you'll never get the true sense of how brilliant they are until you see them live. Next time they play in Providence, it's an absolute must to experience the majestic tunes of the Volcano Kings.


A little bit of time passed by, people getting together in enjoyable conversation and then the finale arrived. Tapestries, lead by Mike DeCosta on guitar, with Jeremy Joubert on lead, Mark Mennucci on acoustic, Chris Periera on bass, Volcano Kings' Chris Taylor on keys, and Sullivan on drums started with "The Fear" to kick off an experience for ages. A spine-tingling performance was highlighted by Roz Raskin joining in for "Following The Rules (No Loitering)", Littlefoot's Erica Sutherland joining Raskin on backing vocals on the emotional "Hal T. Richmond" and Hevey taking things to an energetic all-time high with "Abominable".

A night that I'm never going to let myself forget, this is show was surely a special occasion. You gotta get a copy of Tapestries' new album because it's one of the best to be released so far in 2013. While you're at it, check out columbustheatre.com and get all the info on what's going on at one of the most beautiful places to see live music in The Creative Capital.


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