MUSIC: Supersuckers Roll Through Fete

Thursday, September 05, 2013


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The Supersuckers were all about bringing the rock 'n roll at Fete on Sunday.

Sundays can be boring, but not when a rock & roll show rolls into town. The Supersuckers lit up the lounge at Fete with Dog Day Afternoon, The Mighty Good Boys, The McGunks and Hellbound Glory joining the excitement, not a bad way to conclude any music lover's weekend. Lead by Eddie Spaghetti, the self-proclaimed "Greatest Rock & Roll Band In The World" was all set and ready to go to bring out one hell a show in front of a packed room chock full of pandemonium. With a show like this going on at Fete, where else would you rather go?

Dog Day Afternoon

A bad ass rock & roll trio lead by Vic Foley in Dog Day Afternoon started things off with "Check Your Pulse", featuring ripping guitar riffs and a roaring sound that had the audience in a daze. "Locked Up" was another highlight of the band's performance that had an incredible breakdown jam session with Foley nearly making sparks fly off of his guitar. Needless to say, it was the perfect way to start off the evening. Dog Day Afternoon always know how to blow your eardrums into oblivion, definitely check them out when they come to your favorite music venue.

The Mighty Good Boys

With no drums needed and a down home bluegrass folk style, The Mighty Good Boys came up next to bring the dancing fever and they absolutely did as evidence through the people shuffling their feet on the floor. It was interesting to hear a different take on songs like "Chicago", "Upstate" and "Take A Train", but it gave that genuine hearty feeling that you couldn't ignore. Sometimes when there is rock & roll it has to come in all shapes, sizes, volumes and technique and it was nice to hear the boogie that The Mighty Good Boys Resonate. Another band from Providence I highly suggest you check out

The McGunks

Punk rock that makes you want to drink, The McGunks took everything by storm and electrified the show by sounding like a tightly wound musical jet engine. With a majority of their songs being played off of their brand new album Highlights for Lowlifes, "Halfway To Hell", "Love Song", "Workin' On Another Hangover" and a loud rendition of "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers were my favorite parts of The McGunks' performance. Since I've already mentioned that they came out with a new album, why not get it? Grab a copy of The McGunks' Highlights For Lowlifes, get a six pack, press play and enjoy.

Hellbound Glory

Old-school country rock that has a dark tone and a whole lot of power, Hellbound Glory from "The Biggest Little City In The World" in Reno, NV really impressed me, they made their presence felt with their emphatic sound that came straight from the gut. Songs like "Sugar Daddy", "Barroom Beauty", "Hank Williams Records" and "You Better Hope You Die Young" caught my ear and left me wanting more. I also dug the fact that they had a washboard player with a huge beard and a cigarette in his mouth holding things down with the rhythm section. After their tour with The Supersuckers, Hellbound Glory will be in the studio working on a follow up to their last album titled "Damaged Goods" that came out in 2011. If it's anything like their performance tonight then I can't wait.

The Supersuckers

After a little while of suspense, The Supersuckers came out of nowhere and proceeded to give the fans what they've been waiting for. Things were off to a slow start due to the sound guy not being about to get Eddie's voice right on the mic but soon enough it was smooth sailing and a whole lot of rock & roll. When I say rock & roll I mean that these guys like rock & roll so much they write songs about rock & roll and sing songs about rock & roll because they just love rock & roll, if you know what I mean. "Somethin' About You", "Rock & Roll Records Ain't Sellin' This Year", "Pretty Fucked Up" and even a short version of The James Gang's "Funk #49" had everyone going crazy. The Supersuckers will be putting out a new album just in time for 2014 this January. I can't wait to give it a listen and you should feel the same.

Another great night at Fete. Head to to see what's happening next at one of the coolest places in Providence.


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