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MUSIC: Narragansett Beer Celebrates With Amazing Music At The Met

Saturday, December 29, 2012


The Rice Cakes embody the Hi-Neighbor philosophy of Narragansett Beer, and headlined the brewery's anniversary bash on Friday.

If you're a Rhode Islander over the age of 21, chances are you've gulped down a Tall Boy from Narragansett Beer at least once in your life. The legendary brewery celebrated its 122nd Anniversary of being a staple for good times in The Ocean State at The Met in Pawtucket this past Friday featuring a handful of the best acts in New England. Along with the ravishing Gansett Girls taking pictures for the release of Narragansett's 2013 Hi Neighbor! Calendar, Sharks Come Cruisin', Michelle Lewis, The 'Mericans, The Brother Kite and The Rice Cakes brought their musical talents to the stage for a night filled will tasty brews and indulgent music.

Sharks Come Cruisin'

Sharks Come Cruisin' kicked off the night with their trademark sea shanties that started off the evening perfectly. "Mingulay Boot Song", "The Bonnie Ship The Diamond", "Jolly Rovin", "Jug Of This", "3 Score", "The Mermaid", "John Kanakanaka", "Rio Grande" "Spanish Ladies" and "Greenland" had people singing along to each song and loving every minute of it. Sharks Come Cruisin' has a new album out called A Past We Forget That We Need To Know, perfect music for sailing the open seas when the weather gets warmer.

Michelle Lewis

Boston singer-songwriter Michelle Lewis came up next with her exquisite songs coming from her beautiful voice that sounds like a mix between Fiona Apple and Joni Mitchell accented by her soothing acoustic guitar. "Something That Simple", "Broken", "Never Cried For You", "Paris", "Fifth Floor Song", "Sorry I Forgot To Write", "This Time Around", "Run Run Run", "Searching For Something" and a version of Dave Brubeck's "Take Five" had the crowd roaring with applause. Michelle has an EP out called Broken and a full-length album out called This Time Around, two pieces of wonderful music that you must have for your library.

The Brother Kite

The most emphatic indie rock band in Providence, The Brother Kite, came up next to make their presence felt and they absolutely did. Some indie bands sound soft and some don't deserve to be in that category at all, but The Brother Kite's sound hits you like a ton of bricks while leaving you with a smile. "Secrets", "Father To Son", "Aching Heart", "Eye To Eye", "Isolation", "Am I Making Sound?" and "I'm Not The Only One Holding On To The Vow" electrified the night and nearly blew the roof of The Met. The Brother Kite are currently working on a new record, keep your eyes peeled on their website at thebrotherkite.com to get yourself updated on their new release.

The 'Mericans

The 'Mericans and their heartland rock & roll sound came up next and they infected the audience with genuine music that hits straight to the soul. "Lonesome", "Charlotte", "Stonewalls", "Surprise", "Pawtucket", "Car" "Badlands at Daybreak", "Country Boy", "When A Peaceful Bird Can't Hear Her Own Song" and "Vegas" blew the crowd away and resonated everyone into a state of bliss. The 'Mericans have an album available called So Late It Hurts, definitely an album any music purist should get their hands on.

The Rice Cakes

Last up were The Rice Cakes and their brand of indie-pop that had the audience clapping & dancing to the beat right from the first note. "Floor Boards", "Magma", "Everyone", "Halloweenie", "Humans", "Boys & Girls" and "Yellow Fields" had the audience going absolutely crazy. The Rice Cakes will be coming out with a special edition 7" vinyl record next month so keep your eyes peeled for that. If you're over the age of 21, drink your part to bring the Narragansett Beer brewery back to Rhode Island and also log on to www.themetri.com to get all the information on the best music venue in Pawtucket.


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