MUSIC: Mischief Reigns At The News Cafe

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


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The Tapestries turned Pawtucket's News Cafe into the epicenter of a rock & roll explosion.

In the heat of the remnants of Hurricane Sandy, The News Cafe in downtown Pawtucket played host to a plethora of local acts that provided a breath of fresh air in the aftermath of one the worst storms to hit the United States east coast in nearly a century. The extravaganza was billed as Mischief Night in honor of the infamous evening before Halloween, but it was the complete opposite of the usual vandalism that you might expect. Musical excellence ruled the stage much to the delight of those in attendance.

Pat's Wife

Lo-fi two piece indie rock band Pat's Wife featuring Robin Hewson in a faceless mask that kicked the night off with a spooky jam session. An uncharacteristically soft and moving voice along with a snarling guitar provided a very unique experience, definitely an impacting performance. If you're into music that sounds like nothing you've ever heard before, check out Pat's Wife next time they play at your favorite music venue.

Sean Kennedy

Ex-Famous Winters frontman and guitarist Sean Kennedy went up with his brand new solo act that brought the melancholy rock sound only Kennedy can deliver. "Rothbury Fair", "Yellows & Reds", "Whistles Blowing" and "Black Bags & Magazines" highlighted a dynamic set that was simply lovely. Sean will be playing the second night of The Low Anthem's Revival concert at The Columbus Theatre on Broadway on November 18th, a chance to see Sean at one of the most historic venues in Providence.

Smith & Weeden

Smith & Weeden and their infectious  brand of rock & roll nearly blew the roof off the place. Catchy lyrics and spine-tingling guitar solos took things to another level, beer slingin' and cigarette smokin' tunes that stunned some souls. "Sunshine", "Boys In Bands", "Wonderin'", "Drinking Through Some Issues" and "Playin' A Part" wowed the audience, nothin' like a little rock & roll to cure those post-hurricane blues. Smith & Weeden have a self-titled EP available on their bandcamp page, a must have for any music enthusiast.

Ravi Shavi

It's a pattern that I'm always reviewing a show Ravi Shavi plays, but I can't help it. Ravi Shavi is absolutely awesome and everyone including myself are hooked on their post-everything rock & roll fever like a fish on a line. With bassist Bryan Fielding dressed as a hot dog, guitarist Jim Galvin as a sailor, drummer Ben Tucker dressed as a priest and the enigmatic Rafay Rashid dressed in some sort of Indian garb, Ravi Shavi definitely knew how to bring in the Halloween festivities."Local News", "Courage", "InDecision", "Quickersand", "Mediocre Millions" and "Accidental Mental" put the crowd into a frenzy that was unforgettable. Ravi Shavi has a bunch of new material in the works, so stay tuned.

Austin Hevey & The Heavies

Austin Hevey & The Heavies were up next featuring Austin's unique voice that you just can't compare to anything else. "Jazz", "Trophy Roll Call", "Garden", "Go Ride", "Jack", "Roman Bitches" and "Panama Girls" were loud, emphatic and rhythmically obliterating. One of the best young musicians Rhode Island has to offer, Austin has an album out called Laurie that's some of the best genre-breaking music you'll ever hear.

Ghost Cape

Nick Dawson's psychedelic electro-indie project Ghost Cape took center stage with groovy beats and cool aesthetics that put everyone in a trance. "Planet Zanax", "Lies" "Blackout Wasted" and "Chimneys" had people bustin' a move and straight up enjoying what Nick was kicking out of his keyboard. Ghost Cape has a self-titled album up on bandcamp and a couple tracks off of the upcoming second album Ghost Cape II, you gotta download it all because it's amazing.


A band that isn't a stranger to a review by yours truly, Tapestries led by Mike Decosta dressed up as T.Rex's Marc Bolan put the amps up to 11 and blasted the speakers like an atomic bomb. Starting off with a cover of Pink Floyd's "Breathe" into a cover of T.Rex's "Get It On (Bang A Gong)" the crowd was put in a state of euphoria. "Abominable", "The Fear", "Road Tripping" and "Dreamy" finished off a set I'm pretty sure made The News Cafe the epicenter of a rock & roll explosion. Tapestries is currently working on new material that's sure to be spectacular, I'm looking forward to it and so should you.

The Universes

Closing the night up were another band that's also no stranger to a review by yours truly, The Universes. Not letting up from their performance at Dusk last week, "Goodnight Mrs. Nothingpants", "Easy Boy", "Stuck In The Future" and "You Photograph Well" highlighted a magnificent set to end fantastic night. Next time you wanna see the next memorizing show at The News Cafe, check out their Facebook page for everything you need to know.


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