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MUSIC: Mean Creek Pumps Up The Volume at Fete

Monday, February 04, 2013


Boston's indie rockers Mean Creek headlined a talented bill at Fete Lounge in Providence's Olneyville this weekend. Photo: Mean Creek.

On Friday night at the Fete Lounge in the Olneyville section of Providence, Boston indie rock superstars Mean Creek headlined an incredibly talented bill: The Washingtons, The Tower and The Fool and The Silks. Great music was on tap for a show that was sure to be a musical treasure.

The Washingtons

One of the best up and coming indie-rock bands in Providence, The Washingtons went up to the stage to kick off the festivities. Groovy rock & roll with soul, this spectacular quartet will electrify you with a sound that resonates uniquely dynamic energy that you won't find with any other band. "Raccoons", "Screwjack", "Morning Blue", "Sunglasses", "Speakeasy" and "Use to be" were tightly knit and syncopated perfectly. The Washingtons are currently working on their debut album Wisdom Teeth and it's slated to be out in March. If it's anything like their live performance, The Washingtons' debut record will blow your mind.

The Tower and The Fool

The Tower and The Fool brought their singer-songwriter influenced sound and it was my first time seeing them playing without former member Chris Rosenquest so I was interested in how their music would change since a vital member was kicked out of the band last year. They reminded me a lot of Minus The Bear but with an Alt-Rock style while being poppy and emphatic at the same time. "Dive Bar", "Love Is A Sad Song", "I Run With The Haunted", "Broken", "New Road" and "Die Alone" was simply amazing, I always love when a simple song has a bunch of added dimensions to it. The Tower and The Fool are currently working on new material for their next album that should be released within the year, another record that will make 2013 the year of the music scene in Providence.

The Silks

The bluesmen that will make you dance and do the boogie woogie, The Silks rocked the stage and brought the blues like nobody else. "Down At The Heel", "Mean Ol' Woman", "Gravedigger", "You Can Try", "Trouble", "Mud Money", a rendition of Neil Young's "Vampire Blues" , "All In The Family" and "I'm So Tired" had the crowd shaking their hips all throughout the performance. The Silks just finished their debut album after traveling to Minneapolis, MN and working with The Replacements' Paul Westerberg, another record that will put Providence on the map.

Mean Creek

The biggest indie rock band from Boston that incorporates new wave styles while at the same time having a heartfelt sound that hits straight to the soul, Mean Creek finished off the night by sweeping the audience off their feet. "Do You Know", "Shakey", "I'm So Afraid", "Come On Before It's Gone", "It's Good To Be Back Again", "Young & Wild", "You Were Wrong" and "The Comedian" had so much intense energy and vigor that the performance ended with a mic stand being smashed onto the floor. Mean Creek released their third album Youthful Companion last year that actually won Best Album at the 2012 Boston Music Awards this past December, the best award-winning record I guarantee you could ever listen to. Fete is a marvelous place to see live music, log on to fetemusic.com for everything you need to know about what's going on at the best music venue in Olneyville. 


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