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MUSIC: Lolita Black Raises Hell at AS220

Friday, March 29, 2013


Lolita Black, one of Providence's premier metal bands, headlined at AS220.

This past Sunday at the AS220 Performance Space in downtown Providence, local metal-punk band Lolita Black headlined a night filled with skull-crushing music and sheer artistic insanity was in abundance. Spinach, Suicide Pact and Hero Dishonest were also on the bill and headbanging madness was surely in store. Eardrums bled, hearts raced and distorted rhythms roared through the speakers to close out another weekend in The Creative Capital.


A three piece grindcore band that has a name that I immediately fell in love with, Spinach started things off and waged war on everyone's sense of hearing. Every song was under a minute long and the succession of their performance was like a gatling gun peppering bullets at a titanium steel door. "Safe Zone", "Sphere", "100%", "Quitter, "Horsemen", "Doom Patrol", "Glutton", "Crustaceans", "Loudmouth", "Mall Blaster", "How Ya Livin?" and "Hard Goodbye" were so intensely loud and lighting fast that their guitar player broke a string right at the end. Spinach are releasing a 7" record soon but you can check out their music at their Bandcamp page for your listening pleasure.

Suicide Pact

A hardcore punk band with cool bluesy riffs at certain points, Suicide Pact brought a lot of energy to the crowd and were very amped up. I really dug what they had, aggression flowed through every song like a river filled with burnt razorblades. "We Struggle", "Dreamcatcher", "Mill Spaces", "Who Cares?" and "Suicide Pact" highlighted a set that had a few punks forming a mini mosh pit right at the end. Suicide Pact has an album out titled You Promised available via their Bandcamp page, any punk enthusiast should give it a listen until their ears jump out of their head.

Hero Dishonest

Straight out of Finland, Hero Dishonest invaded the stage and pandemonium insued. Hardcore punk that had the lead singer moving all over the place amidst a whirlwind of flailing bodies around the space. At one point the lead singer's mic because a piece of debris from the destruction that was occurring in the pit and then he miraculously recovered and was up front and personal. I couldn't really understand any of the lyrics because they were mostly in Finnish but it didn't really matter, the electricity from these guys shocked my brain like a blood drenched circuit breaker. "Marisi", "Saija", "Uus Anninj", "Pa Skis", "180", "Era Uus", "Grundinimo", "Reagan", "Sauerkraut", "Anarmotallica", "Uus Era Uus", "Off" and "Hooki" were part of a performance that immediately got me hooked and I want to get every record Hero Dishonest has made. Speaking of records, Hero Dishonest have a new album out called Alle Lujaa. I'm gonna get my hands on it and so should you.

Lolita Black

One of the premier metal bands in Providence, Lolita Black with Kaleigh Crass on drums, Jake Blanchette on bass, Dropdead's Bob Otis on guitar and Scarlett Delgado on vocals ripped the place to shreds. Saying they're loud is an understatement, when Lolita Black plays it's like the demons of the underworld came to make Earth into their hellacious paradise by dropping napalm bombs of genuine lunacy. "Fireheart", "Red Descent", "Hollow", "Flesh, Blood & Bone" and "Living Dead" highlighted a godly set that was one of the best I've ever seen from these freaks of nature after watching them play a few times. Lolita Black will be playing next at The Met in Pawtucket on April 6th for what should be a doozy, head on out and get your mind blown. 


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