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MUSIC: Jocie Adams Woos Firehouse 13

Monday, December 03, 2012


Jocie Adams, who may be best known for being a member of The Low Anthem, was exquisitely solo on stage at Firehouse 13.

At Firehouse 13 in Providence, amazing folk music that soothed the soul and warmed the heart took centerstage. John River Shannon, Annie & The Beekeepers and Jocie Adams were on the bill in front of an intimate audience that exuded pure beauty through the speakers. Great tunes and rhythmic excellence was abundant, making a evening that you couldn't resist enjoying.

John River Shannon

First up was John River Shannon, an amazing singer-songwriter with a voice flowing like a shining aura taking over your mind. His band consisting of Caroline McMahon on backing vocals, Ben Geiss on bass and Matt Lambert on drums provided a massive amount of energy to build around Shannon's uniquely dynamic sound. Kicking things off with a blistering guitar solo transitioning into "Be Together", jaws were dropping all over the place. "Fortify", "City Lights", "Forest Fire" and "Desert River" rounded out a magnificent performance that pleased the crowd. Shannon has a new album out under the title Time Was A Lie available via Creek Valley Records, definitely a piece of music that's a must have during the holiday season.

Annie & The Beekeepers

Up next were Annie & The Beekeepers, featuring the exquisite Annie Lynch on guitar and vocals. Backed up by Jeni Magana on bass, Andrew Michael Buri on lead guitar and Javier Cruz on drums, Lynch's smooth, folky take on Lorreta Lynn style country hit you like a cloud filled with fantastic sounds. "In The Water", "Losing Game", "Come On", "My Bonneville", "It Ain't Fair", "Wrong Darling", "A Light At The End" and "Wake Up Mama" had the crowd enjoying every minute. Annie & The Beekeepers have a new album that you can get your hands on titled My Bonneville, angelic tunes that are guaranteed to harmonize the ears.

Jocie Adams

Finishing the wonderful night off was Jocie Adams, who you might know from her band The Low Anthem. Her solo music is a treasure, encompassing the best vocal range I've heard in the past 5 years I've been dwelling in Providence. Layton Gunther on banjo and backing vocals, fellow Low Anthem bandmate Mike Irwin on trumpet, Ray Belli on drums and Zach Tenorio on the keys along with Adams on guitar and keyboards had the audience captivated by the music that went from jazzy bebop to classical rhythms and everything in between. "Money Gnomes", "Whiskey Man", "Cocaine", "Chastity", "Through My Veins", "Darlin'" and "Bed Of Notions" were part of a dazzling performance that was simply delightful. Jocie Adams has a marvelous album out titled Bed Of Notions that surely will blow you away, music that will put you at ease while at the same time exciting your inner being once you press play.

Another unbelievable night of music in The Creative Capital, log on to www.fh13.com for all the information on when the next mind-blowing show is happening at one of Providence's best little destinations for art & music.


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