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MUSIC: Javelin Brings The Beat to Machines With Magnets

Monday, February 04, 2013


With a wall of speakers and flashing lights, Javelin had the audience huddled around them like it was the Super Bowl. Photo: Dan MacKnight.

Saturday night at the recording studio, art gallery and performance space Machines With Magnets in Pawtucket, New York City indie dance beat hoppers Javelin headlined a show that promised to put you in a state of amazement. The supporting acts were all Providence bands with Math The Band, Downtown Boys and Huge Face rounding out the bill. A packed house, beautiful ambience, abstract artwork on the walls and spectacular music all encompassed what was to be a spectacular evening.

Huge Face

Huge Face came up first and the first thing that made me excited to see what they would bring to the table was the fact that they have two drummers. They're also extremely talented along with having the ability to make you bob your head to their infectious rock & roll rhythms. "Jenny Please", "New Clip", "Train To Win", "Cloud", "Break The Hearts" and "Go To Hell" was groovy, made the audience move around and had them enjoying every song. Huge Face are currently working on their first EP that will be released in a couple weeks, I'm looking forward to hearing what they sound like on a record.

Downtown Boys

The activist punks who always seem to have a cause that they are standing up for, Downtown Boys were in your face and had everyone including themselves going absolutely crazy. A fusion of Spanish and English lyrics, blaring horns, scorching guitars and drums that could have crushed a cranium or two were featured on "In The Name Of The Mother, Father & The Holy Spirit", "Puerto Rican Rock", an emphatic rendition of Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing In The Dark", "Big Cop", "Tall Boys" and "Slumlord Sal". Even a bunch of the people from the audience got in on the action by yelling into the microphones that was really fun to watch. If you want to talk about punk rock, Downtown Boys are the epitome of it. Next time they play in Rhode Island, go and prepare yourself for a mind-blowing experience unlike any other.

Math The Band

Electro-punk duo Math The Band consisting of Kevin Steinhauser on guitar and vocals and Justine Mainville on keys while banging on a floor tom and a cymbal had the room shaking right from the start. "Mission Statement", "Hang Out/Hang Ten", "Four To Six", "I Hope You Die", "Stay Real (Sock It To Me Satan)","Why Didn't You Get A Haircut?" and "Tour De Friends" turned the whole place into a full blown mosh pit, energy was flowing from everywhere and it was contagious. Math The Band currently has their tenth album Get Real that was released last year, music that will shock your inner being to new heights.


With a wall of speakers, flashing lights and the audience huddled around them like it was some sort of musical football game, Javelin had people dancing and romancing when the first beat dropped. "Judgement Nite", "On It On It", "Airfield", "C-Town", "Vibrationz", "Light Out" and "NNormal" highlighted a performance that was out of this world, even a kazoo was used at certain times to add another dimension to Javelin's dynamic sound. After the initial set, the sold-out crowd was begging for more. Javelin went back to the floor and played "Drum Machines" to finish off a night that was incredibly off the hook.

Javelin will be releasing a new album that they actually recorded at Machines With Magnets last year called Hi Beams that'll be due out on March 5th. I can't wait to grab a copy and listen to it to hear the awesome new songs they put together. There's always something going on a Machines With Magnets, whether it's a band working on a new album, an artist showcasing their beautiful masterpieces or there's a show going on that you just can't miss. For more info on this wonderful establishment, log on to machineswithmagnets.com for the scoop on Pawtucket's cultural center for art & music.


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