MUSIC: Gogol Bordello Tears the Roof Off Lupo’s

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


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Gypsy punk mainstays Gogol Bordello put on a hell of a show on Sunday, only made better with A Tribe Called Red also performing.

To end your weekend sometimes you need a crazy experience that'll leave you soaked in your own sweat and a smile on your face. Gypsy punk revolutionaries Gogol Bordello always know how to throw a party and this past Sunday at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel in Providence promised to be a bash unlike any other. With DJ collective A Tribe Called Red sharing the bill it was sure to be a dancing extravaganza. Lupo's was the prime destination to finish off that Saturday night hangover this past Sunday and if you missed it then you have no excuse.

A Tribe Called Red

Right when I heard A Tribe Called Red take the stage and start spinning, I immediately thought of Eastern European groovemeisters Balkan Beat Box. The only difference between the two groups is that A Tribe Called Red are all DJs while Balkan Beat Box are an actual instrumental band. Remixes of old-school hip-hop, reggae and world music were abundant in their performance along with having a lot of infectious beats. The crowd loved it and they're a fantastic alternative to what you hear from a lot of DJ groups nowadays when hearing someone spin music other than horrible dubstep and half-assed hip-hop is a true rarity.

Gogol Bordello

After a tiny intermission a gypsy punk revolution banner with revolution being spelled backwards to spell love (yea you had to see it) was lowered. The packed house reacted with roaring applause, you already knew that the main festivities of the evening were imminent. Gogol Bordello came out like a rush of thunder and everyone went absolutely crazy. Eugene Hutz with his guitar strapped and a bottle of wine kicked things off with "Ultimate" and then right into "Not A Crime", the energy was simply contagious and the audience was clapping, jumping and moshing like there was no tomorrow. "Wanderlust King", "Other Side Of Rainbow", "My Companjera", "Tribal Connection", "Dig Deep Enough", "Immigraniada (We're Coming Rougher)", "Break The Spell", "Lost Innocent World", "Pala Tute" and "Start Wearing Purple" we're part of a performance filled with pandemonium that had people up front going insane. Afterwards the audience chanted "One more song!!! One more song!!!" and Gogol Bordello more than delivered with an encore that featured "Maladrino", "Think Locally Fuck Globally", "Alcohol" and "Undestructable" to end one of the best shows I've ever seen. The night ended with a recording of Johnny Cash & Joe Strummer playing a version of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" that had Gogol Bordello singing along with the crowd, a truly memorable moment. You gotta get Gogol Bordello's new album Pura Vida Conspiracy as soon as possible because it's out today and it's one of my favorite albums so far in 2013, simply impeccable music that you need to get your hands on.

There's always something special seeing a sold out show at Lupo's. To see when the next big act is coming through log on to and get your fill.


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