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MUSIC: Ghostface Killah Hits Up The Met

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Everybody is always working for the weekend and hip-hop once again reigned supreme at The Met in Pawtucket on Saturday. Ghostface Killah from The Wu-Tang Clan recently put out a new record titled Twelve Reasons To Die and he was performing a bunch of hot jams off of the record for what was to be a real cool time. DJ Ruckus was on the 1's & 2'a while Sour City, Jahpan and Adrian Younge's Venice Dawn rounded out a beat filled night that was sure to be wild. If you hungry for genuine hip-hop, then The Met was the place to get your fill on Saturday.

Sour City

Sour City kicked off the show with a quick performance that showed a lot of energy, unfortunately the crowd was very stifled. I did like it though, "Deal Or No Deal" highlighted the set that had the duo jumping up and down like their feet were made out of pogo sticks. Hopefully next time I see Sour City perform they can electrify the crowd as much as they electrify themselves.


A local MC who always knows the secret formula on how to get people hyped, Jahpan came up next and set the night on fire with sick beats and lyrics that hit you like a brass knuckle followed by a freight train. "Spotlight", "Rock Night" and "Providence" were part of a rhymetastic spectacle that had people loving every minute of it. Jahpan has a new album titled Sex, Drugs & The Weekend coming out later in the Summer. Get your hands on it and listen to real hip-hop.

Adrian Younge's Venice Dawn

This was when things got all kinds of crazy, it's usually not typical at a hip-hop show to see a bunch of middle aged dudes along with a guy with dreads wearing suits but Adrian Younge's Venice Dawn straight up brought the groove. Imagine a sound that mixes the styles of acid funk, the soundtrack to a Dario Argento film and every 70's progressive rock band you can imagine to create truly magnificent music, and these guys made that a reality. "Lovely Lady", "Anna May", "Two Hearts Combine" and "It's Me" was truly refreshing, I'm pretty sure that I just found my new favorite band. Adrian Younge's Venice Dawn has an album titled Something About April and I'm going to get it as soon as possible so follow my lead.

Ghostface Killah

Venice Dawn then got dressed up in all these weird costumes wearing cloaks and masks and Adrian Younge proclaimed the storyline to Ghostface Killah's new album Twelve Reasons To Die, taking place on the streets of Italy in 1968 with Ghostface's alter ego Tony Starks and his crime family going to war with the rival DeLucas. Venice Dawn did an eerie introduction and then Ghostface Killah came through the darkness spitting "Beware Of The Stare". You could feel the vibe and it was alive with "Rise Of The Black Suits", "I Declare War", "Blood On The Cobblestones", the Wu-Tang classic "Protect Ya Neck" that had two guys competing to see who could rip the late Ol' Dirty Bastard's lyric the best followed up with "Ice Cream", "Holla" and "Enemies All Around Me" that had fellow rapper Killah Priest joining the fray.

Ghostface Killah and Killah Priest went backstage because "reportedly" the DeLucas were backstage, Venice Dawn then got the crowd energized with a rendition of "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" and then Adrian told everyone in the audience to hold up their lighters. A group of creepy looking girls in red hoods and white make up came on stage with Ghostface and Killah Priest joining them to do "Rise Of The Ghostface", "Impossible", "Tearz" and "Iron's Theme - Conclusion" to end the best rap performance I've ever seen. You think they were done yet? Of course not. They came back with "Mighty Healthy" and "C.R.E.A.M" to conclude a time that I will never forget.

The night was simply amazing and I was left picking my jaw off the floor. You gotta listen to Ghostface Killah's Twelve Reasons To Die and I guarantee it'll be the most groundbreaking hip-hop record to come out in years. While you're at it, pick up the comic book that tells the storyline that goes along with the album. After you read this review you're probably kicking yourself for missing a fantastic hip-hop show, log on to themetri.com so you never have to deal with that particular feeling ever again.


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