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MUSIC: George Clinton & P-Funk Put Lupo’s Under a Groove

Saturday, September 29, 2012


The inimitable George Clinton brought big noise, big funk, to Lupo's Friday night. Photo: Joe Loong/Wiki.

On a Friday night where it rained like cats & dogs, the interplanetary grand master of funk George Clinton and his Parliament Funkadelic All-Stars brought an explosion of musical excellence to the legendary Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel. Great vibes were abound as people were rejoicing to the rhythms that invaded their minds. It was almost like you were put under a spell that made you move your feet without stopping. A memorable night that you could never forget.

Big Nazo Band

First up were Providence's own Big Nazo Band that consisted of aliens, dinosaur skeletons and fantastic tunes that started the evening off right. With a bass player that looked like a cross between Bert from Sesame Street and Jay Leno,  the lovechild of The Wizard of Oz's Tin Man and the robot from Lost in Space on bass and a lead singer that was the gangrene version of Mr. Magoo singing on the mic, the Big Nazo Band has everyone jumpin' and bumpin' right from the start. A funktastic experience that included "Love Is Like Oxygen" and "Walkin' The Troll" had the people primed for the amazing experience that only George Clinton & P-Funk can bring.

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic

P-Funk's set started with the All-Stars kicking it with a funk-metal jam session highlighted by the spectacular skills of Mike Hampton on guitar. Clinton then graced the stage with his presence, looking dapper on a dark beige suit and a pearl white hat with joyus pandemonium encasing the audience. Starting it off with "I Bet You", Clinton and the boys kicked up the ante to an all-time high. "Flashlight" had the robots and aliens from Big Nazo joining them on stage and an amazing trumpet solo brought the crowd to a euphoric state. Clinton's granddaughter known as the "Sativa Diva" went on stage and started singin' "Somethin' Stank" with Big Nazo's skeletons lighting up a joint on stage that brought the mellow mood.

P-Funk then went into "Not Just Knee Deep", "Maggot Brain" that had another killer solo from Hampton, "One Nation Under A Groove" that had Garrett Shider on guest lead vocals and the famous "Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker". Clinton's grandson Rico Smoov then went on to drop some rhymes and then Clinton's son joined in on the rhymefest for a dynamic moment. "Get Off Your Ass And Jam" kept the audience cuttin' a rug and "Atomic Dog" had everybody going absolutely insane. Ending the show with a dog-heard mutant from Big Nazo farting into a microphone, P-Funk left the crowd in a state of awe and their minds blown.

A great evening where the funk was absolutely brought,  next time the next big show comes to Lupo's log on to www.lupos.com for everything you need to know about one of the most famous venues in The Ocean State.

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Michael Trenn

I went to see the George Clinton Show at Lupo's years ago. What a blast! He really tore the roof off tha sucka!

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