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MUSIC: Forgetters Leave Local 121 With Something to Remember

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


A new band that didn't cease to amaze in its first outing at the Speakeasy at Local 121--The Forgetters.

On Friday night at one of the classiest establishments to catch live music in Providence, the ex-central nucleus of Jawbreaker and Jets To Brazil in Blake Schwarzenbach and his new band Forgetters rocked The Speakeasy located downstairs at Local 121 for a rare appearance in The Creative Capital. Ghost Thrower and Way Out rounded out the bill for what was a memorable night. Local 121 has been a hub of innovative and original tunes in Providence for a while now and this occasion was no different.

Ghost Thrower

Ghost Thrower kicked things off by turning the amps up to 11, exuding raw emotion through every song and shaking the foundation of 121. Their downbeats and riffs made the stage the epicenter of a punk rock earthquake, simply spectacular stuff. "Prima and Sinatra", "I Never Damned You", "Coming Home", "I Have Nothing" and "Nothing Is Wrong" highlighted a performed that stunned the ears. Ghost Thrower has an album that came out a couple years ago titled 10 Songs, if it's anything like they emphatic live sound then I highly suggest grabbing a copy.

Way Out

A very unique post-punk band from Providence in Way Out went up next, last time I saw them play they opened for Divine Fits at The Met in Pawtucket this past October and they left a good impression on me so I was excited to see what they had in store this time around. "Devoured", "Centuries", "Collapse", "Afterlife", "Blood Moon", "Angie" and "To The Grave" encompassed a groovy set showcasing a groundbreaking style that meshes the old and new together. Next time you hear about Way Out playing your favorite music venue, do yourself a favor and check out one of the hottest new bands in Providence.


Finishing off the night was Forgetters, everyone in the room were pumped to see what Blake's new band had to offer and they didn't cease to amaze. With punk rhythms fused with minor psychedelic tendencies, Forgetters are definitely not your average power trio. "Red Tail Limits", "Turn Away", "Stop Tryin'", "Lie Artist", "Oh Deadly Death", "Western" and "I Think About War" were part of a performance that had a dark noir niche to it, as if it could have been the soundtrack to a 21st Century film starring Humphrey Bogart. Schwarzenbach was also very animated on stage with his guitar and making all kinds of noise with his scorching riffs that blew minds to smoldering little pieces all over the room. Forgetters currently have their self titled debut available, fantastic punk rock that has driving chords and angst filled lyrics that only Schwarzenbach can write. Another show in Providence that had you walking away with a sense of immense satisfaction. Next time you want to see what's going on at Local 121, log on to their website at local121.com for everything you need to know about who's invading the taproom and the downstairs stage.


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