MUSIC: Consuelo’s Revenge, Boo City + Route .44 Rock Dusk

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


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One of Providence's hottest bands, Consuelo's Revenge, kicked off a hot night at Dusk.

On Friday night at Dusk in the factory district of Providence, a compelled audience witnessed fantastic music from three of the best acts The Creative Capital has to offer. The Pizzaboyz were on the 1's & 2's in between sets and Consuelo's Revenge, Boo City and Route .44 cured the end of the week blues for a night to remember for a packed house in attendance. If you were looking for righteous tunes and wonderful vibes to sooth your soul this past Friday, Dusk was definitely the place to be.

Consuelo's Revenge

Rustic folk from Consuelo's Revenge kicked things off in front of a packed house chock full of music lovers that had all the beautiful ladies kicking their heels in the air and dancing up a storm. A sound that takes me back to the outlaw country types like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, Consuelo's Revenge are by far one of the hottest bands performing in Providence today. "Smile", "Black Ball Row", "When I Die", "Pasadena", "Freedom", "Just The Drugs", "Wake Me Up", "Leave The World Behind", "Alex's Waltz" and "Henry Lee" had the crowd rejoicing and everyone grooving to their rhythmic tunes. Consuelo's Revenge will be embarking on a kickstarter page to raise funds for the making of their debut album, keep your eyes peeled on the interwebs so you can do your part in helping an amazing band make their music for everyone to enjoy.

Boo City

The black country soul rocksteady sounds of Boo City took the floor next and continued the night of dynamic music to the delight of the audience. Bringing the funk, soul reggae, blues that make up one of best ground-breaking acts ever, it's always a good time when Boo City plays. "Go And Tell Yo Mama", "Take It Easy On Me", "Tiny Little Daggers", "Bring It On Home",  "You're No Good", a hip-hop infused reggae jam session followed up with "Closer" had everyone going crazy and the room was jumpin'. Boo City will be playing with the godfather of soul power Ty Jesso at Local 121 on January 26th and they have their brand new Anchortown EP available, you better get it because it'll put you in a state of absolute bliss.

Route .44

The jazzy, bluesy enigma known as Route .44 finished off one of the best shows I've ever seen in Providence, an evening that has been stuck in my mind like Velcro on a sneaker. "Worthless Lessons", "Change Is What You Said", "Remember The Luisitania", "Memories Of You", a cover of Tom Waits' "Way Down In The Hole" and "PTSD" highlighted a set that concluded a show that no one would ever forget. Route .44 has a new album out called Poisoned The Well that will simply amaze you, definitely one of the best local albums of 2012 and a must have for the holiday season. Dusk is emerging to be one of the premier places to check out a show in Providence, with the great sound, elegant ambience and fantastic drink selection how can you go wrong? Next time you're looking for a magnificent night out and you love live music, log on to to get all the info you need on the best new venue in The Creative Capital.


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