MUSIC: Chain & The Gang Get Crazy At The Columbus

Friday, August 09, 2013


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The Columbus Theatre enjoyed a wild night with an electric performance by Chain & The Gang.

You gotta love a good night of rock & roll, especially when it's at a legendary place like The Columbus Theatre. This past Wednesday, Chain & The Gang headlined a trifecta of immense talent with Providence alternative rock renaissance band Pixels and revolution rock & rollers Ravi Shavi filling out a bill that was bound to blow up the speakers. Everyone is always looking to get through the middle of the week, and on this night The Columbus was the place to be.


A band that's not afraid to be a little comical and quirky along with playing awesome songs, Pixels started off the night in excellent fashion. Now a duo consisting of Andy Davis on guitar and vocals and Melba Cantwell on drums, they really know how to up the ante when they hit the stage. "The Terminator Of Hearts", "La Vie Moderne", "Miss November", "As Beautiful As You", "Je Ne Sais Quoi", "She Loves You American", "What Lovers Do" and "Leave Today" were part of a performance had Andy's guitar being a lot louder and dirtier than usual, maybe it had to do with the classy suit he was wearing. Pixels are one of those bands that everyone in the Providence music scene always seems to talk about, next time you hear about them playing in The Creative Capital go and see why.

Ravi Shavi

Whenever you see Rafay Rashid, Nick Politelli, Bryan Fielding and Ben Tucker on the same stage, you know it's going to be an energetic and entertaining experience. One of my personal faves in Ravi Shavi took things over with Rafay strumming that infectious riff to "Midnight" and rocked the place. "Danger", "Some Devils", "Accidental", "Dope", "Courage", "Bad Girl", "InDecision", "Riding High", "Mover Shaker" and "Heavy Bones" had people jumping out of their seats and going ridiculously insane. It seems that every time I see Ravi Shavi they always have a few new songs coming out of the woodwork. One of the hardest working bands in Providence, Ravi Shavi is working on a new album and it's sure to be as good as their self-titled debut.

Chain & The Gang

Five beautiful women with 2 of them each playing on a separate drum set led by a guy who looked like a cross between Lou Reed, Iggy Pop and the lead character in David Lynch's Eraserhead, Chain & The Gang concluded the night with sexy and dark garage rock that resumed the pandemonium amongst the audience. Victoria Ruiz & Joey DeFrancesco from Downtown Boys introduced the band and then they got right into it with "Cemetery Map". "Livin' Rough", "Why Not?", "Reparations", "Free Will", "Nuff Said", "Trash Talk" and "What Is A Dollar?" had their lead singer acting like a wild man by screaming into the microphone and climbing on the seats. Afterwards they showed a documentary about Chain & The Gang followed up by another documentary about John Berberian, the owner of The Columbus Theatre, downstairs in the main theatre to end the night. I've never seen Chain & The Gang before tonight and now I'm a huge fan, I'm definitely going to get every piece of music they got and I hope they come through Providence again.

Another memorable night at The Columbus. Log on to and check out what's going on next at a shining jewel nestled in Providence's west end.


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