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MUSIC: B. Dolan Puts Fete Into a Buzz

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Mind-opening hip-hop with intelligent lyrics: B. Dolan, who ruled the stage at Fete in Olneyville.

On a Sunday night at Fete in the Olneyville section of Providence, hip-hop ruled the lounge stage. Prolyphic, Juan Deuce & Falside and B. Dolan brought the beats and the rhymes to an audience that were digging it like crazed fanatics enjoying their most recent fix. An all-star local lineup of lyrical talent promised a great night for the awestruck individuals in attendance.


A veteran of rapping that borderlines on rhythmic poetry, Prolyphic took the floor with authority. "Unpopular Demand", "Drug Dealers", "Business As Usual", "Stale Breadwinner", "Creative Differences" and "Hand Grenade" had people bobbing their heads and straight up groovin'. Prolyphic has a new album titled The Working Man coming out in February, the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your hip-hop loving significant other.

Juan Deuce & Falside

Up next were Juan Deuce & Falside, bringing their brand of hip-hop that's so in your face and electrifying it's a lyrical shock to your system."The Draft", "Frank & Bean", "Larry Sellers, "Menahan", "Hey DJ" and "Guts" had people raising their hands in the air like they just don't care. I don't mean to be biased, but Juan Deuce & Falside are one of the best hip-hop acts you'll ever see and they will make you go absolutely insane in a very good way. Log on to www.juandeuce.com for all the details on  what one of the best rappers in Providence is up to.

B. Dolan

Last up was B. Dolan with his style of hip-hop that's mind-opening while encompassing intelligent lyrics that border on the poetry of Allan Ginsburg. "King Bee", "Kitchen Sink", "The Hunter", "Who Killed Russell Jones?","Film The Police", "Come To Jamaica", "Too Bad"  with the legendary Sage Francis joining in on vocals, "Still Here" and "Which Side Are You On?" provided a fantastic finale to the night. B. Dolan is a premier force in the world of independent hip-hop, there isn't a track I haven't listened to by him that I don't like. Word is that he's working on a new album with a full band that should be coming out next year, I'm as excited as a kid in a candy store to give it a listen when it's released. Just another awesome night of music in The Creative Capital, log on to www.fetemusic.com to check out when the next amazing show will be at the best venue in the west end of Providence.


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