MUSIC: Ask The Dead Reveal The Leans At Dusk

Monday, September 30, 2013


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Punk is here to stay, and Ask The Dead's latest outing at Dusk is solid proof.

People everywhere say that punk is dead, and in certain aspects of society when it comes to the hyper corporatizing of everything you can make a good case. The truth is that the music will always be around and there's nothing you can do to stop it. One of the best punk bands in Providence in Ask The Dead put out the vinyl release of their brand new EP The Leans at Dusk this past Saturday and it was bound to be a spellbounding experience. With jazz-prog rockers Sun Bears and old-school alternative rock act in No Ocean, a great variety of talents and styles were sharing the stage. A whole lot of musical madness was going on in Providence on this night, but Dusk was the place to be.

Sun Bears

Taking Dusk to another planet, Sun Bears started things off with complex rhythms and a lot of vigor. You can notice a heavy Frank Zappa influence in their sound as well as the likes of King Crimson and Possessed. I completely dug it, I found myself thinking "Woah" with every riff and beat. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Sun Bears again and I want to listen to the Celestial Embryo EP that they have on BandCamp. Very very good stuff that you gotta check out.

No Ocean

Rising out of the ashes from a band I adored called Glowkid, No Ocean's first show as the new incarnation had a plethora of emphasis. A fusion of styles similar to Built To Spill and Sebadoh, this alt-rock quartet showed their hearts on their sleeves while at the same time not being afraid to get loud. "Swimming Cities", "Bird And Bow", "Sleep Inches" and "Violet" highlighted an impressive performance. Keep an eye on No Ocean and definitely go see them play the next time they play around The Creative Capital.

Ask The Dead

Celebrating the vinyl release of their new EP, Ask The Dead took the stage with authority and the amps were turned up well over 11. They had people going insane with "Stockholm Syndrome", at one point Alan Hague jumped into the crowd with his guitar to get into the pit. Everyone was headbanging like maniacs during "The Leans", face painted bassist Steve Ellis was a one man rampage on stage. Lead guitarist Brandon Perkins spat some hot rhymes during an impromptu jam session put on my Ellis and drummer Dan Guedes while Hague tuned his guitar and then they lit the place on fire with "Saturn Devouring His Son". After a much needed water break Ask The Dead went right into "All Fall Down" to blast the speakers into smithereens. This night was a complete stunner in so many ways, get your hands on The Leans by Ask The Dead and have your senses obliterated. You can't go wrong with seeing a show at Dusk, log on to to see what's going on next or  


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