MUSIC: Math The Band Celebrates The Release of Get Real at AS220

Friday, November 09, 2012


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Justine Mainville and Kevin Steinhauser of Math The Band delivered the goods on stage at AS220, heading up a huge night of local underground talent. Photo: Justin Keena

On a cold & windy Thursday night in Providence, synth-punk heroes Math The Band were celebrating the release of their new album, Get Real, to the excited masses at AS220 in the heart of The Creative Capital. Supporting them on this magnificent evening were InGlove With Bach, Randy Bush, Hank Sinatra Jr. and Downtown Boys, a spectacular lineup that's chock full of some of the best underground acts today. A wide assortment of awesome musical talent ruled the stage and made for an experience that was simply unforgettable.

InGlove With Bach

Starting the show with playing on the floor, Joe DeGeorge's InGlove With Bach showcased avant-garde neo-classical tunes while dressed up in Renaissance-era garb and wearing various styles of gloves. A performance that made you feel as if a hipster version of Johann Sebastian Bach was rocking the keyboard while playing Bach's "Inventio". InGlove With Bach was a blast to the past accented with a modern tinge that is definitely something you don't see everyday. Joe will be performing as part of Bach To The Future at Manning Hall on the campus of Brown University this Saturday, if you're over on the east side check out a unique display of awesomeness.

Randy Bush

Comedian Randy Bush was up next, bringing some comic relief to the crowd. Talking about how he sings musical melodies when he's about to hit a car, how hate groups should go in the middle of the woods in a self-loathing manner, getting a portable vagina at yankee swap for Christmas, weird flavors of tobacco at a hookah bar in Birmingham, Alabama, his mom giving him advice on how to hulahoop on stage to Cameo's "Word Up" and using a pair of dentures to sing Nat King Cole's "Smile", groundbreaking hilarity ensued. A very funny part of the extravaganza that was a nice departure from the music.

Hank Sinatra Jr.

Dressed up in his trademark yellow suit jacket, white tie, yellow shoes and American Flag adorned pants, comedy was about to get a new rhythmic definition with the wonderful Hank Sinatra Jr. The funniest man in Providence with his color TV performed "Spider", "Questionable Stain", "L8 4 M8 D8", "Summertime Song", "Extension Cord", "Irregular Pirate", "Meow", "Tears In The Bathroom", "Whole Foods" and "Open Wide". Hank has a new album out called Grow A Pear, definitely a piece of music that'll have you bursting with laughter.

Downtown Boys

Next up were Downtown Boys and they nearly blew the roof off the place. Their crazy infusion of punk, first wave ska styles and an inclusion of Spanish lyrics in a few of their songs sounded like what would happen in The Pixies, The Stooges, The Specials and Siouxie & The Banshees had a crazy lovefest and out came one of the most original bands I've seen in a long time.
"Haz Algo", "Adam & Eve", "Big Cop", "Car Boys", "Tall Boys", "Work", "Lola" and "Slumlord Sal" had a mosh pit encircling the performance space, a human version of bumper cars occurring right in front of the stage. Downtown Boys have a self-titled album available for your listening pleasure, grab a copy the next time they blow your mind.

Math The Band

Justine Mainville and Kevin Steinhauser who together form Math The Band ended the show with a dynamic performance only the electrifying duo can deliver. "Four To Six", "Mission Statement", "I Hope You Die", "Bad Jokes", "Stay Real", "Down","Why Didn't You Get A Haircut?" and "Tour De Friends" filled the room with contagious pandemonium. Full of seismic fury and infectious energy, Math The Band had everyone going crazy with bodies flailing around while being hypnotized by pure insanity. Get Real is currently available on Math The Band's website at on it's official release date on November 20th along with them creating a music video for each track. You absolutely should get the album because it's some of the best amazingly spectacular tunes you'll ever hear. Another great night at Providence's music & art utopia, log on to to get your fill on when the next kickass show is gracing the performance space as well as how to get involved.


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