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slides: James Clayton Sattel’s RI Views: Fishing

Saturday, February 02, 2013


Photographer James Clayton Sattel is passionate about Rhode Island, particularly those shores, crags, and vistas of his home island: Aquidneck.

This week, Jim shares some favorite images of one of RI's central aspects of maritime life--fishing. Shooting at Galilee, Wickford, Newport, and Little Compton, Jim captures the fishing "landscape," from lobster pots to trawlers. 

To see more of or purchase Sattel's distinctive views, go here.

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Still waters

The still waters of Narragansett Bay are a peaceful reflection for a fishing boat's colors as well as the low light.

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I love the colorful wharf scene, from floats and lobster pots to the shapes of Newport's spires in the background. 

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Working the boats

Those orange suits may be good for storms and boat work in the deep fog, but they also make for incredible details in a photographic setting. 

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The shoreline scene is always livened, it seems, by the presence of gulls, Here, even when still, this bird adds a bit of humor as a shore supervisor. 

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One of my favorite things about photographing fishing boats is their remarkable colors. This one is one, with its incredible green, just steals the show. 

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Colors II

Another angle on the Rick's Star reminds us, with its hand painting, of the human qualities of the fishing fleet, both here in Rhode Island and everywhere along our coasts. 

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Low Tide

This bright blue craft awaits its next voyage, while a pair of swans survey the shore fishing for their own purposes. 

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While the big boats head out to sea, small craft like this ply our coastal shallows, giving a photographer the chance to capture rock and tide along with boats. 

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For Sale

Even the signage on the wharfs is photogenic--bright, bold, and colorful. 

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Colors III

I love capturing the lines of these trawlers, back in port, bristling in a tight row. 

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Not an escaping sea creature, but a beautiful remnant left behind. 

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Low lights

You can imagine the lights on these fishing boats glowing in the middle of an Atlantic night. Can't you?


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