Fit For Life: Set goals – Not Resolutions

Saturday, January 03, 2015


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I haven’t made a New Year’s resolution, and I won’t. I can't. I can't because I spend every day trying to self improve. What I do have are goals. I have a goal to be successful. I also have my own opinion as to what success is, and I take a step every day to get there. I put more pressure on myself and I do things that constantly push me out of my comfort zone, because I know that once we get comfortable we get complacent and then we stop pushing ourselves, and forward progress stops. I have a rough idea of where I want to be, and I have no control as to when it will happen. 

Take responsibility.

I feel that by making daily or weekly goals, and accomplishing them, that puts us a day closer, and that's all you can control. Getting better doesn't have a deadline, nor is it a destination or a goal you can accomplish, and be done with it.  Rather, it's a mindset that goes on - forever. Replace phrases like “I'm trying” with “I'm doing my best”, or “I can't” with “I'm going to attempt it”. Stop making excuses and don't blame others. Take responsibility for your actions. 

I consider a New Year’s resolution like a diet… temporary. We need to make life changes to be successful at whatever it is we do. Make more money, lose weight, be a better coach or parent. We need to be constantly changing and evolving in order to get better. We need to always try to learn from others by observing the things that were successful and the things that failed. Making some loose promise, just because it’s the start of the new year is not only ridiculous, but unlikely to happen. We need to strive and work harder to get better every day. OK, it’s fun to do, and I always encourage people to make goals, and set out to accomplish them, but they have more meaning and are more likelihood to happen when you set them on random days without outside pressure, or jumping on some bandwagon because everyone is doing it. 

Set goals – not resolutions.

I usually set my fitness goals around my birthday, and tell myself that I will be in the best shape of my life by the time my birthday actually arrives, and on most years it becomes true, with the exception of a few injuries I’ve had, here and there. This method has been working for the past 10 years, because I learn more and fix mistakes I make every day. Now at 46, I am healthier and leaner than when I was in my 30's. Most of the time people need the January 1st date to undo the downhill spiral they started at Thanksgiving. That's all it is! We do so much damage from then to the end of the year, that now, we aren't making a "New Year’s" resolution, we are just fixing the damage caused by the holidays. The non-stop eating, drinking, staying up late, and stress, sabotages every body’s fitness accomplishments in just a few weeks! I actually challenged my Fit Body Boot Camp clients to a zero pound challenge for that period of time, just to try and prevent my people from losing their current results, and limit the amount of damage. Now the challenge for the next month is to undo the damage, then I will put them back on the "get a little better and stronger each workout" system I have developed. You see, even the new people that come in with a resolution will soon realize that they didn't sign up for a quick fix, or a temporary solution, because it is my job to change their mindset by establishing realistic goals and lifestyle changes that will stay with them for the long haul. All right, then, everyone should have one New Years resolution - and that is to try to get better every day…Period.

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So what will be your reason? Find the motivation that works best for you. If you don’t have the motivation and drive to start it yourself, come to Providence Fit Body Boot Camp, and I will get you going. Working with a coach will get you there more effectively and efficiently. If one of these inspires you to get started, then go with it, but remember, ultimately it is your health that is at stake. And that impacts all the people around you – your spouse or partner, your children, your family. It impacts your ability to earn a living. Being healthy helps you have a positive outlook in life. You're more likely to be happy, in general. We all need to keep moving – the rewards just keep adding up – so, start now, and let me know what motivates you! Leave me a message on Facebook or Twitter….and I’ll share your motivation with others. We’re all in this life together – let’s make it a healthy one! (On Facebook at Providence Fit Body Boot Camp; on Twitter - @MattEspeut)


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The most import stories from one of the most historic years in memory for Rhode Island healthcare.

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13 Doctors Behaving Badly

Rhode Island Doctors Behaving Badly

Doctors, having professed in their professional lives to "do no harm," are typically looked at in their personal lives as upstanding citizens.  But 2013 proved that not all doctors are cut from the same cloth.

With charges ranging from unprofessional behavior in the office to giving morphine to babies to breaking into a residence without permission at 3 in the morning and being in possession of marijuana, this breakdown of reprimanded doctors in 2013 is simply a must see. 

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12 Staying Healthy + Fit

10 Ways To Stay Healthy + Fit This Summer—Miriam Experts

Summer brings soaring temperatures, family cookouts and tempting warm-weather treats like ice cream and margaritas, and can easily sabotage your fitness and diet plans. That’s why leading nutrition and exercise experts at The Miriam Hospital shared their timeless top tips for staying fit and eating healthy while still having fun in the sun.

Summer fitness never goes out of style. Click here for tips you can use every year to maintain that beach body!

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11 Well-Being Index

How Happy Is Rhode Island—Latest Gallup Well-Being Index

Rhode Island may need an attitude adjustment, according to the latest Well-Being Index numbers from Gallup-Healthways. The state's latest ranking for happiness is #37 in the nation, a drop of 2 spots from last year. And that ranking was a drop from the year before.

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10 Retail Insurance

Smart Benefits: Health Insurers Go Retail

Healthcare reform has brought about lots of changes to the procurement of individual and family plans. Now, when you head to the mall, you'll be able to buy health insurance in addition to shopping for clothes. In a move that continues to gain steady momentum, leading health insurers across the country are opening retail stores to cater to individuals who now have to purchase health insurance on their own because of healthcare reform.

To see which insurer has already opened up a retail outlet in RI, click here.

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9 A Healthier You in 2013

13 Ways To Be Healthier in RI in 2013

As we embarked on 2013,  Rhode Island's Director of Health, Michael Fine, MD, encouraged Rhode Islanders to make health and wellness a priority in the new year. Check out the 13 steps he recommended Rhode Islanders take to get and stay well in the new year. Whether you stuck to them or not in 2013, we find ourselves at another time for goal-setting and resolutions. Brush up on your healthy living and put your knowledge to good use in 2014!

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8 RI’s Sexual Health

Rhode Island’s Sexual Health Worst In New England—New Ranking

Rhode Island's abysmal showing in the 2013 Sexual Health Rankings landed them at last place in New England.

The first-ever assessment of state-by-state data on 26 comprehensive health and services measures that speak to sexual health put the Ocean State at #19 overall in the US, and #6 among New England states. 

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7 Deloitte's Big Contract

Deloitte Awarded $105 Million Contract to Create New Healthcare System

Last January, Governor Lincoln Chafee announced that the State had awarded a $105 million contract to Deloitte Consulting to create the technology infrastructure to modernize the way the state administers Medicaid and other human service programs, and, most importantly, to create Rhode Island’s Health Benefits Exchange in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. Do you think Deloitte was the right choice? Read on for a breakdown of why Deloitte was chosen and the outlook on the exchange - who's rollout was not without its hiccups - while it was in just the conception phase.

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6 Non-Profit Hospital CEO

Rhode Island Non-Profit Hospital CEOs Criticized For Big Paychecks

The American healthcare system may be quite deathly ill. But the paychecks CEOs of Rhode Island non-profit hospitals are quite healthy.

Because of the trend of for-profit chains buying non-profit hospitals, which has swept the nation over the last decade or so, only eight non-profit hospital groups remain in the Ocean State. Together, they control a total of 11 hospitals.

And you won't believe how handsomely the CEOs of these hospitals are paid.

Click here for the full breakdown.

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5 Healthiest Counties

Rankings: Where the Healthiest Rhode Islanders Live

Where do the healthiest residents in Rhode Island live? According to 2013 rankings by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a national foundation focused on improving public health, Bristol County took top honors -- while Providence County was the bottom of the list of the five counties in the state.

Click here to get the full story.

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4 Health Exchange Rebrand

Rhode Island’s First Health Benefits Exchange Launches

In July, The Rhode Island Health Benefits Exchange announced a number of important updates and initiatives – including a new name and the creation of 70-100 new jobs – in preparation to enroll Rhode Islanders in quality affordable health insurance plans starting on October 1, 2013.

Dubbing the Health Exchange HealthSource RI and announcing the state's new contact center in Providence, the exchange announced it would employ 70-100 Rhode Islanders when fully operational who would be accessible to  individuals and small employers to talk in-person or over the phone with engagement specialists who would provide personalized assistance in finding, comparing, and purchasing health insurance options available through HealthSource RI. 

Click here to read more about the announcement.

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3 Heart Health

RI’s Go Red Day 2013: 10 Ways Women Can Keep Their Hearts Healthy

According to the AHA, nearly half of American women do not know that heart disease is their No. 1 killer, and less than half know the best blood pressure and cholesterol levels for cardiovascular health. Making red visible on Mondays could help sound the alarm and keep heart health ever present in the lives of American women.

Click here for 10 ways women can keep their hearts healthy.

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2 Health Exchange Launch

Healthsource RI Announces Health Benefits Exchange Rates

In late August, HealthSource RI announced the plans and rates that were to be offered through the state's health benefits exchange when open enrollment began on October 1 for individuals and small businesses. Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island, United HealthCare, and Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island all signed on to offer 28 plans through the exchange.

The exchange launched on October 1st with no shortage of hiccups, but the launch was relatively smooth by comparison to those in states whose exchanges were facilitated federally. By November, the exchange had processed over 4500 applicants. And by December the New York Times noted that the RI exchange was the second-best performing in the country with enrollment exceeding target rates by a sizeable margin.

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1 Patients Rank Hospitals

New England’s Best Hospitals Rated By Patients

Traditionally, hospitals are rated and ranked on a combination of sound technical care, adequate resources, and impressive statistics. But an increasing emphasis is being placed on perhaps one of the more important measures: the patient’s perspective. With that in mind, GoLocal has sifted through and analyzed the results from a government-sponsored survey of more than 50,000 patients in 176 hospitals in New England (full chart here), and emerged with the first-ever patient-based ranking of the region’s top hospitals.

GoLocal consulted with patients, experts, and hospital administrators for their take to contextualize the rankings- click here to read the story.

Click here for the ranking of New England's Top 20 Hospitals


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