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Saturday, November 08, 2014


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In my business, I hear sayings and clichés all the time, and when you surf through social media, especially marketing sites that want to sell you fitness stuff, you see many more. Most of the time when I hear people talking, about these unproven bits of advice, their friends are usually nodding in agreement with them – as if they are the owners of some meaningful philosophy. I like to take things literally, so I am going to shoot some holes in two of these bits of “advice”, give you my take on the subject matter, and give you something to think about. 

"Getting to the gym is half the battle". — NO, it’s not! Most people will tend to agree with this, without giving it much thought, but I am here to tell you that just getting to the gym isn't even close to winning 1/2 the battle. As a matter of fact, just showing up isn't even 10% of the battle. I have been watching people "show up" at gyms for over 20 years and get nowhere close to their goals, due to lack of drive, discipline, and direction. When you go to the gym it takes knowledge, programming, and hard work, with plenty of strenuous exercise and sweat to see any results at all. After you establish what it takes, it requires consistency to even get close to winning the battle.  Just think about it – would you say, “just showing up at the market, is half the battle to eating healthy”, when in reality, you can go very wrong if you do not have a list, or a plan, or an idea about what is good for you and what is not. So if you think that just showing up at a gym, sitting on a lifecycle, lumbering around the free weight floor, or reading a magazine on a treadmill is going to help you gain ground with your battle, you are sadly mistaken. At my Fit Body Boot Camp, or anywhere where you are working with a qualified professional, you aren’t going to gain much ground with an attitude like that.  There should be a plan for you when you walk in the door.  At my gym, I give you direction, hold you accountable, and provide all the tools you need to conquer, and achieve results.  No, it’s not good enough to just show up. Be prepared.  For what?  To sweat, and move, and work hard, because overcoming poor conditioning requires a lot more than just showing up. 

"Great abs are made in the kitchen”. Ok so there is some merit to this quote, but just eating great isn’t going to put muscle on your body, and make you fit.  Lifting weights, and bouts of high intensity training will. I know a few people that eat correctly, but their bodies are still mush. Abdominals are a muscle group and need to be trained to get stronger and look better, just like back and biceps. Besides, you can over eat quality food just as easily as overeating junk food. Granted you will be healthier, but it is impossible to get fit without exercise. You need to burn body fat and build muscle to achieve your fitness goals, and you can’t do it with good nutrition alone. You need to shed some sweat, move some weight and feel the burn to complete the package. Yes, the phrase, ‘you can’t out exercise a bad diet’ is true, but ‘you can’t eat your way to total fitness’ is also true. 

I am not trying to discourage anyone, but I am trying to give you the reality of the whole concept of fitness. I never sugar coat (pun intended) things so I am telling you that being fit and maintaining your health is hard work, and not an easy task, regardless of what all the clichés on the street are telling you. 

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Matt Espeut has worked as a personal trainer for almost 20 years with clients ranging in age from 14 to 86. His focus is on overall health, strength, and functional conditioning. Holistic health and nutrition is the cornerstone of all his programs. Matt works in private and small group training available at your home or office location or at gym facilities. Matt offers his services to everyone wanting to be more fit and healthy, overweight young people, youth/collegiate athletes, and seniors. Matt has worked and trained at several facilities in the Providence area. In September, Matt will open PROVIDENCE FIT BODY BOOT CAMP, at 1284 North Main St., Providence. Email Matt: [email protected]; check out his website at or on Facebook at Matt Espeut or on Twitter @MattEspeut. Call 401-453-3200 for pre-opening information.


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