Fit For Life: A System For Feeling + Looking Better

Saturday, October 12, 2013


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Combining nutrition and exercise into a sustainable system is the key to looking and feeling better.

Without exercise you won't get fit. Without good nutrition you won't be healthy.

Many people group the words health and fitness together as if they were synonymous terms. It's hard to believe, but there are vast differences between the two, and I incorporate a system to bring both into your life. I will give you an example of how both terms differ, and how to bridge the gap.

The health-conscious people

Referred to as salad eaters, granolas, health nuts, etc. Their priority is to be healthy, and they will go to great lengths to be so. They make sure to only eat organic foods, use non-chemical cleaners, and avoid as many toxic compounds as possible. A wise decision for all. I know a girl that purchased an organic mattress, and had the air quality tested before she purchased an apartment. Many of these people own juicers or those large vita-mixers. Also a smart decision. The biggest mistake they can make, however, is that they fail to do any kind of strenuous exercise or strength training.

Peaceful in nature, the option of walking, gardening, mild yoga or time out with a cup of green tea and a book, is generally more appealing to them than a sweat fest or moving some iron. I believe this is a mistake, because everyone needs to be able to move and lift on a functional level and will at some point need to tackle a set of stairs or chase a child or pet around, and without a solid strength, and cardio base or good movement patterns, daily tasks are difficult, or even hazardous.

The workout workaholics

On the other side of the healthy & fit wannabes are those who workout to excess. You know the kind of people – those who exhaust themselves in an unhealthy way on cardio equipment day in and day out. If they miss a day they are incredibly stressed out about it. Or how about the person that leaves the gym and heads to the fast food drive thru on the way to work? Body builders go to extremes such as dehydration, and steroid use to have that sculpted look, and distance runners beat their bodies to the point of joint injury. Fitness models, drinking caffeine with artificial sweeteners, on the way to the tanning salon, are another example of a borderline fanatic. While a majority of these people look like the definition of fitness, they use some unhealthy methods to get to look that way. I personally do not believe you need to go to extremes to be both fit and healthy. If you have a temporary goal, such as a contest or wedding, ok, but not to maintain as a regular lifestyle.

Optimal health

The first step in a smart system is to build a nutrition program based on whole organic foods. I believe if you eat quality foods such as grass fed beef and lamb, wild caught fish, organic fruits and vegetables, eliminate processed grains and dairy, you are on your way to optimal health. Your body starts to work more efficiently on all levels. Remember good health is impossible without good nutrition.

Fitness becomes a lot easier after the first step in this system is applied. I apply progressions to my exercise regimen. First you start moving properly and get to practice good posture and body alignment. If you have bad posture, and movement deficiencies, it is WRONG to load the body with weight and resistance. When you join a karate studio, you do not get issued a black belt. Same thing applies with training, you won't squat or dead lift with weight, until you OWN the movement. Then we work on progressions such as speed, and metabolic circuits.

For most people, I say step back and use a different approach. Work smarter not harder. When you incorporate a whole system of good nutrition and fitness training, that system will S-ave Y-ou S-ubstantial T-ime E-nergy and M-oney, too. 

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Matt Espeut has worked as a personal trainer for almost 20 years with clients ranging in age from 14 to 86. His focus is on overall health, strength, and functional conditioning. Holistic health and nutrition is the cornerstone of all his programs. Matt works in private and small group training available at your home or office location or at gym facilities. Matt offers his services to everyone wanting to be more fit and healthy, overweight young people, youth/collegiate athletes, and seniors. Matt has worked and continues to train at several facilities in the Providence area including Gold's Gym and CORE Studio, and he believes continued education is a must in his field. Email Matt: [email protected], check out his website at or on Facebook at Matt Espeut or on Twitter @MattEspeut.


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