Cranston’s New Reality TV Star: Making Mr. Right’s Chris Mercurio

Saturday, January 12, 2013


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He's looking for love and he's the latest Rhode Islander on reality TV--Cranston native Chris Mercurio, on VH1's Making Mr. Right.

He's a bachelor in need of an upgrade, and he's Cranston's own Chris Mercurio, one of 14 bachelors on VH1's new reality show, Making Mr. Right.

Mercurio, who grew up in Cranston and divides his time between Rhode Island and Springfield, MA, is officially "Mr. Immature" on the show, which premiered Sunday night at 9pm. Mercurio and his fellow bachelors are at the mercy of three pretty bachelorettes who pose as matchmakers to help them in the romance department, but are really looking for their own bachelors to fall in love with. Need more reality fun? The girls have a wall full of hidden camera views of the guys in the bachelor pad, so look for Mercurio to reveal himself in unexpected ways.

GoLocal caught Mercurio to talk about bachelorhood on national television.

What inspired you to try out for the show?

I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was asked to attend a live casting interview at a hotel in Boston by a female friend of mine with previous reality TV experience,who thought I could be "reality gold" and I originally said no. I thought, come on, do I really need to let all of America know about my dating life, I am already Mr. Right. But seriously, after a few texts from casting to please give it a chance I felt like I had nothing to lose and to enjoy the experience! I couldn't say no to 3 matchmakers cleaning up my "game"

How hard was it to get on the show? What did you have to do?

It was a process. It started with actually showing up to a hotel for a 15 minute interview that turned into an hour. I tend to be a wiseass and I am known to talk a lot, so I had to woo them with my personality. There was no tape needed, just pure unscripted, unfiltered conversation with me, about why I am single, what my type is, what my friends think of the girls I date, and a little history about my dating. Then the waiting game began until about 6 weeks later I was flown out to LA for finals week where you have to convince the producers during on camera interviews that you are a perfect fit for the show. It all worked out. I even had to go through a psych test to make sure I am not crazy! I guess they think single and crazy go together sometimes! Does it?

We know you can't discuss what happened yet, but what was the most fun thing about being on a reality show? The worst thing?

The most fun thing was absolutely living like I was back in college again with 13 other guys out in LA in an absolutely beautiful mansion. We had an awesome pool, a great hot tub, a nice yard where we were playing touch football, and there was always a supply of drinks to enjoy. I just couldn't wait to see what the girls of LA had to offer. I had never been out more west than Minnesota, so I was eager. The worst thing was not having access to my cell phone to contact friends and family. I am really close with my mom, she even packed my bags for me, so it was a bummer not being able to catch up with back home. That and no tv to watch football on Sundays. You might learn a few more things about what I love and hate as the season goes on, but you have to tune in for that!!

What tips about dating did you learn by being on the show?

Well for one, I learned never and I mean never let a girl see you reading books with titles like "A-holes Finish First" or "The Game: Secret Society of Pickup Artists". They just scream "immature lame-o". You should be aware of how you dress on dates, wearing a striped t-shirt on a first date is a huge no-no, unless you want to be compared to Freddie Kruger or Where's Waldo. After seeing episode one my wardrobe for speed dating was looking worse than that guy who wore the all white tux to senior prom.  Girls love a guy with style, so think before you just throw something casual on! I am sticking to solids from now on!  I probably wouldn't tell a girl on a first date how old you were when you lost your virginity, it gives up a lot about yourself too soon. Be a little mysterious! 

Check out Chris in this sneak preview of Episode 2, which will air on Sunday, January 13, at 9pm:

For up close and personal contact with Cranston's bachelor, follow Chris this season on Twitter at @chrismerc and on Instagram is @chris_merc.


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