Coggeshall Announces $50K Crowdfunding Campaign to Benefit Education Program

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


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Photo courtesy of Cindy Elder

Coggeshall Farm Museum is launching a campaign to raise funds for its education program. The program will kick off on Friday, January 29 with a $50,000 crowdfunding campaign to help meet a $50,000 matching grant from philanthropist H.F. "Gerry" Lenfest. 

"We're using these funds to build something pretty amazing -- a mobile living history program that puts the story back into history. Last year, 3,000 students came to Coggeshall for field trips, and we plan to host even more in 2016. Unfortunately, lots of schools find it difficult to afford field trips. Transportation costs alone make it tough. So we're sending our educators from the farm yard to the school yard to get kids excited about history," said executive director Cindy Elder. 

Coggeshall is using Indiegogo as its crowdfunding platform to generate the matching funds. The theme of the campaign is "Send Coggeshall to School: $50K in 50 Days."

The campaign will fund: 

  • Development of a class-based living history curriculum, in collaboration with a team of K-12 educators and the Rhode Island Historical Society.
  • A prototype living history app for the classroom, developed in partnership with MuseumTrek.
  • Educational materials to assist teachers with pre- and post-visit lesson planning.
  • Pilot presentations at no cost to 20 schools in the next 12 months to test the program.


Coggeshall's Education Program 

Coggeshall honors the lives of 18th-century tenant farm families and brings to life the daily struggles, joys and tasks experienced by working people of this time period. 

"We all remember the names of the powerful people who filled our history books. But what about the everyday people who built this country from the ground up? The tenant farmers we represent didn't own their land. They rented. And they had no voting rights. Through their own sweat and determination, they helped to build the American dream. That's something today's kids can understand," said Elder. 

Coggeshall's education program explores an era when the United States was new, just after the American Revolution. 

Educators look a issues such as farming, traditional hand skills, politics, class, gender roles, the slave trade, the role of government, voting rights and other issues affecting people at the time. 

Added Elder, "We speak from experience, because we are operating a 48-acre farm using 18th-century methods every day of the year. We can share the things we've learned by caring for animals, raising crops, cooking over a hearth or mucking the barn when it's 10 degrees out. History is not just dates and names. It's the story of where we came from and how we got here. For us, history isn't forgotten. It's alive and well and living at Coggeshall Farm Museum."

Click here to donate. 

Coggeshall Farm Museum 

Coggeshall Farm Museum is located at 1 Colt Drive in Bristol off of Poppasquash Road. The museum is open on weekends from December 15th through April 15th. 

Click here for more information. 


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