Catching Up with Cosmetics Princess Ava Anderson

Saturday, July 24, 2010


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I eat as organically as possible. I clean with white vinegar and botanical products with no toxins. Yet my deodorant, my mascara and my lip gloss are filled with toxins and ingredients I cannot pronounce let alone figure out how they are affecting my health.   

As a beauty insider, I thought I knew about “all natural” and “organic” brands, having tried thousands of products over the years. But a little lesson from Barrington teen Ava Anderson, President and CEO of Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Cosmetics schooled me in what’s in and what’s out when it comes to beauty products’ ingredients. 

What’s currently in most products (even labeled organic or natural), according to Anderson and the Cosmetics Database ( is a bevy of toxins, poisons and chemicals that can have dire effects on our health. What’s (left) out of Ava’s products are said toxins and in place of them are natural ingredients, truly natural, that lead her collection to rate all zeros on the database out of a possible ten, with ten being hazardous. 

Ava’s products are not only non-toxic, they are also quite heavenly. The Cleanser contains delicious ingredients like sugar cane extract, lemon oil and honeysuckle flower extract and makes my skin feel super clean sans residue. I follow with the Toner, which is a vibrant wakeup call in a bottle with its bitter orange and witch hazel and truly plumps the skin. Ava also makes a Moisturizer (so light and airy with real shea butter, lemon oil and orange fruit water, makeup remover pads (one tiny pad takes a full face of makeup right off!), Exfoliator (apricot and pomegranate), and Lip Scrub (hello soft lips!) along with lip balms and a makeup collection. 

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Ava’s message is to get rid the toxins in your beauty regimen and to pay it forward with her knowledge by bringing trustworthy and healthy beauty products to the world. Lucky for us those products are pretty, filled with goodness and they work! 

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