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Fit For Life: The Five Day Countdown to Fitness Starts Now

Here are some tips to help you do the countdown to being Fit For Life in 2014.

Today marks the five day countdown to 2014 – what can you do to use these five days to assure success in your new year&rsquo...

NEW: Trinity Brewhouse Named Best Rhode Island Bar by BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed's list of America's Most Popular Bars in 2013 is out -- and Providence's Trinity Brewhouse topped the list for Rhode Island.  

5 Live Music Musts: December 27, 2013

Check out Prince at Mohegan Sun on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night.

Our final “5 Live” of the year features music royalty – local and international starting with one of the most popular and influential musicians...

13 Who Made a Difference in RI in 2013

2013 was a year of big changes, challenges, storms, and successes in RI -- who made the biggest impact on our lives in 2013?  Who took...

Taylor Swift: 13 Who Made a Difference in RI in 2013

One of the world's biggest music stars decided to make RI her home in 2013: Pop star Taylor Swift.

One of the world's biggest music stars decided to make Rhode Island her backyard in 2013. And it wasn't exactly small change. Swift, the...

Nick Garrison: 13 Who Made a Difference in RI in 2013

A local brewmaster making a big splash both regionally and nationally: Foolproof Brewery owner and founder Nick Garrison.

The Rhode Island beer renaissance got a big boost from Foolproof Brewery in Pawtucket, and founder and owner Garrison, along with brewmaster Damase Ollson, immediately...

Evan Granoff: 13 Who Made a Difference in RI in 2013

The man who brought the Providence Arcade back to life: Real estate developer Evan Granoff.

One of the 2013's biggest events for Providence -- the reopening of the historic Arcade downtown -- wouldn't have been possible without the man...

Christina Paxson: 13 Who Made a Difference in RI in 2013

Coming out on top, despite multiple controversies: Brown University president Christina Paxson.

The 19th President of Brown University, Paxson came to Providence with an impressive resume, having previously served as Dean of Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School...

Deborah Perry: 13 Who Made a Difference in RI in 2013

An advocate women throughout Rhode Island: YWCA of Northern RI Executive Director Deborah Perry.

The Executive Director of the YWCA of RI, Perry has been advocating for women across the state for years based on the YWCA's mission...

Getting Out: 10 Ways To Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

Christmas is over and the excitement of New Year’s Eve will soon be a thing of the past as well. As many people...

Newport Manners & Etiquette: Kiss Me, Kiss Me Not

Politely dodging kisses during the holiday flu season, ring etiquette for my significant other? Who was the Grinch who stole my aged aunt's TV?...

Organize + Energize: How Much Money Have You Lost?

Tis the season...why not give yourself the gift of rediscovered money?

How much money do you think you wasted this past year due to disorganization? How many times did you go to search for something that...

Moms Can-Do’s: Higgins Armory + More

Grab the kids and head to the Higgins Armory this week before its integration with the Worcester Art Museum on Dec. 31st.

Looking for fun things to do during the week? Creative spots for last-minute outings? Fun events especially for little ones? We'll bring you our 5...

Dear John: Is He Creepy? Or Just Determined?

What’s your problem? Write to John at [email protected]

slides: Holiday Shopping Guide 2013: Last-Minute RI Christmas Gifts

You waited until the last minute again? Not to worry. You don’t have to go far or spend big to get all your...

College Admissions: Early Admission Apps Soared for Class of 2018

Who saw the largest increase in early decision applications this year?

Early admission numbers are still being released since many colleges extended deadlines due to Common Application issues this year. Nevertheless, it appears that the predicted...

Don’t Miss: 2014 Providence Children’s Film Festival

The 5th Annual Providence Children’s Film Festival (PCFF) will take place from February 13 to 23, during February school vacation. For eight days, the Festival...

Fit For Life: Pre-New Year’s Resolutions?

We all have choices, and the information is out there, so if you decide you want to be more fit and healthier, then make it a priority and do it.

You know what time is coming....yup, the time you toss all of your hard work - eating well and exercising - out the window...

NEW: RI Council 94 Clothes the Homeless this Holiday Season

Lynn Loveday, State Vice-President, RI Council 94, AFSCME, RI AFL-CIO; Jim Ryczek, Executive Director of RI Coalition for the Homeless; Jean Johnson, Executive Director House of Hope CDC

Rhode Island Council 94 helped to ensure that the state’s homeless population stays warm this holiday season by collecting hundreds of donated clothing items...

5 Live Music Musts – December 20, 2013

We stay local this week, with some great area shows featuring a number of popular area bands.

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