Lauri Lee

It’s All About Education: A Broader Definition of Education

“Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.”   - Mark Twain… Read More

Newport Manners & Etiquette:  How To Be The Best Guest

Party time do's and don'ts for being a guest this summer at any kind of party. From a potluck barbecue to a formal… Read More

Organize + Energize: 5 Ways an Organized Kitchen Saves You Money

How much money do you think you are wasting if you are disorganized in the kitchen? I can tell you that in every kitchen I… Read More

10 Great Pets in Need of Loving Homes - June 2, 2015

If you're on the lookout for a new pet for you or your family, look no further.… Read More

Alexandra Curtis with her parents

West Warwick’s Alexandra Curtis Crowned Miss Rhode Island 2015

Alexandra Curtis, Miss West Warwick, was crowned Miss Rhode Island 2015 at Rhode Island College on Saturday night. She… Read More

First Annual “Your Life Expo” Coming to RI Convention Center June 7

The first annual "YOUR LIFE" EXPO will be held at the Rhode Island Convention center on June 7th from 11 A.M. to 5 P.M.… Read More

Personal Tech For Women: 5 Things To Know About Photo Editing With BeFunky

Although the name has little to do with picture taking, BeFunky claims to make amateurs into professional… Read More

The Schemers Rocked the Narrows Center Saturday Night

slides: The Schemers at the Narrows Center

The Schemers are one of the greatest Rock and Roll bands ever to come out of the Ocean State.… Read More

Fit For Life: Bring Your “A” Game…

Why reward for doing something wrong? Are my expectations too high, or has society lowered their standards too much? I was… Read More

Leonard Moorehead, The Urban Gardener: Celebrate Roses

My love is like a red, red, rose. Since before time people pause, inhale, and admire roses. Emotions well up, time stretches… Read More

Huestis: New Horizons Spacecraft to Encounter Pluto

Basic astronomical knowledge seems to be lacking among the general population these days. However it has been my experience… Read More

Washington Trust Company’s Peanut Butter Drive Nets 4.8 Tons of Peanut Butter

The Washington Trust Company has collected close to 9,500 pounds, more than 4.8 tons of peanut butter, during the 15th annual… Read More

What Cheer Brigade Plays the Columbus Theatre Friday

5 Live Music Musts - May 29, 2015

This weekend, we highlight some hip area venues in and around the Creative Capital, along with some artists who wear the… Read More

Providence Ranked 4th Most LGBT-Friendly City in U.S.

According to NerdWallet, Providence is the fourth most LGBT-friendly city in America. … Read More

It’s All About Education: The Arts, Education, and Transformation

These days, with the rise of Common Core and the growing emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), we… Read More

Newport Manners & Etiquette: Update Your Etiquette

Nonprofit board etiquette when members shirk their responsibilities, men's summer dress code for when to wear a… Read More

Organize + Energize: Be Prepared. Organize a First-Aid Kit

We are beginning to spend more time outdoors and with more time outdoors you may find yourself getting acute injuries, bug… Read More

Personal Tech For Women: 5 Things to Know About New, Smarter Food Label

Some of us might spend more time at the grocery store scrutinizing the labels than actually putting food items in the cart.… Read More

Athena and others need homes

slides: 10 Great Pets in Need of Loving Homes - May 26, 2015

Calling all animal lovers! If you're on the lookout for a new pet for you or your family, look no further. … Read More

College Admissions: Advice to The Class of 2016 From The Class of 2015

Students receive a myriad of advice throughout the college admissions process from parents, counselors, teachers, coaches and… Read More


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