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slides: 25 Things You Have to do This Fall

Sunday, October 25, 2015


The fall season is upon us, so much to do in seemingly such a short period of time.

"I think tourists really enjoy coming to New England and going on a leaf peeping ride. One of the things that we do well in New England is we work together to market ourselves with Discover New England," said Kristen Adamo, VP of Marketing at GoProvidence.

If your putting together your list of things to do, then stop. GoLocal has done it for you.

GoLocal has gone across New England and put together a list of things that you have to do this Fall before the season ends.

There are activities and events for all ages, from hayrides to haunted houses to apple picking, pumpkin picking and so much more.

How many of these activities can you get around to?

Check out 25 Things You Have to do in New England This Fall Slideshow below.


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Attend Waterfire in Providence

Waterfire is the premiere event in Providence and if you haven't gotten to one yet during the summer or fall season, now is the time to plan.

Waterfire is a great night out with different vendors, music and other entertainment lining the city streets while the river is lit up by the fire. For a really romantic and fun night, hop on a gondola ride.

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Take a Trip up Mount Mansfield in Stowe, Vermont

Visit Vermont and take a gondola up Mount Mansfield. Once you get to the top, look back at the spectacular view.

For travelers, be sure to bring a jacket.

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Fall Golf

While it may not be summer anymore and you may need an extra shirt or light jacket, there is still time to get some end of season swings in at your local golf course.

The fall season presents some of the best golfing weather that we have all year in New England.

Hit them straight.

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Start Your Christmas List

Stop procrastinating and start your Christmas list. Starting it earlier rather than later will make the upcoming holiday season much less stressful.

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Carve a Pumpkin

It's definitly pumpkin season. Let you creative side show and carve out our own pumpkin, maybe put a candle inside and light it up.

What kind of design will you make?

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Attend a High School Football Game

Nothing says fall like attending a local high school football game under the lights on a Friday night.

Go to your local high school for a game or maybe take road trip around the state and find the biggest game of the night and go take it in.

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Ride or Run the East Bay Bike Path in Barrington

Take a fall run or bike ride down this 14.5 mile long path that stretches from India Point Park in Providence down to Independence Park in Bristol.

The path connects many towns and provides waterside views nearly the entire way.

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Visit Animals at the Zoo One Last Time

It's almost that time of year when the local Zoo's close up shop for the winter. Take the family to see the animals one last time.

The Zoo makes for a great fall day for the entire family.

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Go Trick or Treating

Fall means Halloween, and Halloween means it's time for some trick or treating.

Grab the  costumes, the kids and a couple of buckets and take to the streets for a night of candy collecting and then candy eating.

Halloween falls on a Saturday this fall which means no need to turn in early. Enjoy this fun fall night.



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Attend King Richard's Faire in Carver, Massachusetts

Dive into history at King Richard's Faire, New England's oldest and largest Renaissance Festival and most beloved annual fall event. Dress up, play games and learn alot at a faire that is a great fall event for the entire family.

The faire ends on October 25th.

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Learn About History at Plimoth Plantation

The fall season is Plimoth Plantation's busiest time of year and it is a great time to bring the family.

Visit the Wampanoag Homesite, the 17th-Century English Village, Nye Barn, Craft Center, Plimoth Bread Company, Mayflower II, and the Plimoth Grist Mill!

A great way to learn an dhave fun at the same time.

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Visit the Salem Witch Museum

Want to stay in the Halloween spirit but learn a little bit at the same time? Nothing says Halloween like visiting the Salem Witch Museum and learning about the infamous Salem Witch trials and much more.

You will be fascinated.

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Pumpkin Picking at Jaswell's Farm

The fall season is all about pumpkins. Pumpkin beer, pumpkin pie and most of all pumpkin picking.

Pumpkin picking is a timeless event for families, especially those with young kids who will love to just run around and grab whichever pumpkin looks good to them.

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Enjoy a Fall Beer Before They go Away

Whether it's Octoberfest from Sam Adams or a pumpkin beer from Harpoon or Newport Storm, it's time to get out to your local bar or store and pick up some of the great ball beers on tap or in stock.

Winter beers are right around the corner so go quickly.

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Pick Apples at Pippin Orchards in Cranston

If you don't go apple picking this fall than you are missing out. Be sure to make the most out of the fall season when you pick Pippin Orchards apples.

Then bring the apples home to make apple pie, apple sauce, or enjoy as they are.

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Attend a New England Fall Festival

Celebrate the fall season by attending one of the many Fall Festivals taking place around New England.

From Oktoberfests to art festivals, New England has it all. Don't miss out.

For more, check out GoLocal's list of Fall Festivals and start planning.

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Get Lost in a Corn Maze at Davis Farmland in Sterling, MA

Davis Farmland Mega Maze is 8 acres of mazes and hosts Fright Nights, Flashlight Mazing, and Daytime Halloween Mazing.

Daytime Halloween Mazing is Saturdays and Sundays (and Columbus Day) from 10 to 6 in October - includes trick or treating!

For FrightNight schedule, click here: FrightNight

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Get Spooked at the Haunted Labyrinth in Cranston, RI

Get in the Halloween spirit and visit the Haunted Labyrinth, New England's longest running haunted house, celebrating its 30th year.

The Labyrinth is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 7-10 p.m. up until October 31st

Tickets cost $12 if paying with cash or $13 with credit card. 

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Take a Fall Trip to Block Island

As the fall season rolls on, trips to Block Island are winding down.

But at the moment, there is still great weather ahead and great opportunities to get on the ferry and head over to Block Island for the day, or maybe even multiple days.

A fall trip to Block Island is something ou must do this fall.

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Enjoy a Glass of Wine at Newport Vineyards

It may be getting colder, but for wine lovers, this is the best time of year because it's grape season.

There are many great Vineyards around New England but Newport Vineyards tops the list.

Enjoy the wine.


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Walk/Jog/Hike (Skip?) Through the Bird Sanctuary

There are some great walking and hiking paths behind the Audubon Society on Massasoit Road in Worcester to visit this fall.

Want to be at peace and escape the city without really leaving the city? Take a brisk walk through the Bird Sanctuary. If you don't feel better by the time you leave there...then turn around and go back in.

The bird sanctuary is located on 414 Massasoit Road in Worcester

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Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Park Zoo

What better way to spend a fall evening then strolling through Roger Williams Park Zoo and viewing some cool Jack-O-Lanterns. 

The Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Park is a Rhode Island and New England Fall staple featuring thousands of illuminated pumpkins from October 1st to November 11th with admission from 6-10p.m. on weekdays and 6-11p.m. on Saturdays.

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Drink a Glass or Multiple Glasses of Apple Cider

Nothing says fall like drinking a nice warm glass of Apple Cider, or maybe multiple warm glasses of Apple Cider.

Head over to your local market and buy some, or maybe you know how to make your own or have your own recipe. Either way, drinking apple cider is something to look forward too.

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Leaf Peeping in The Berkshires

One cool thing about the fall season is the changing of the leaves. You will want to go up to the Berkshires and stroll through a park or just down a street and take note of all the colors, it's a must do fall activity.

How many colors do you see?

Can't make it to the Berkshires, click here to see where the leaves are at their best across the rest of New England.

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Hayride at Phantom Farms in Cumberland, RI

Nothing says Fall in New England like a Hayride, haunted or not, at Phantom Farms in Cumberland.  Hayrides make for great family days or evenings and go well with a cup of warm apple cider or a hot chocolate in your hand as you ride.

Phantom Farms is located on 2920 Diamond Hill Road. 

Photo courtesy of Don Rogers/flickr


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