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10 Great Pets in Need of Loving Homes—April 8

Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Calling all animal lovers!

If you're on the lookout for a new pet for you or your family, look no further. Whether you want a dog, a cat, or even a furry little friend to complete your home, think adoption first! There are hundreds of lovable pets just waiting for you to take them home in rescue leagues and shelters everywhere.

Check out these 10 pets available for adoption from the Providence Animal Rescue League, below!


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Age: 1 year old

Breed(s): Siberian Husky

Hi! My name is Gypsy. I'm a 1-year-old spunky girl that loves playing and goofing around. I love learning and am constantly looking for new things to do...I hope you can keep up with me! I try to be friends with most dogs I meet, but the staff at PARL tells me I come off as "too much" with them...maybe an older, patient dog can teach me to be more polite! I need a home that can devote time to my energy level and keep me occupied. I promise to always love you and make you smile in return—deal?

Find Gypsy here!

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Age: 7 years old

Breed(s): Domestic Long Hair

Hello, I'm Simba! I am a 7-year-old and I have to say, I'm a busy cat. First, I've got to check out what's happening out the window. Next, I'll see if any closets or cupboards need looking into. And then there are my naps—can't be late for those. But I can fit a little socializing into my schedule. Shall we plan on breakfast and dinner? I hope you like kibble.

http://www.parl.org/adopt/adoptable-cats/simba" target="_blank">Find Simba here!

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Age: 1 year old

Breed(s): Siberian Husky

Meet Cosmo, a 1-year-old boy with a handsome face and beautiful heart. Cosmo has trouble with his vision, causing him to be disoriented in new places and occasionally bump into things...but he is quite the trooper and doesn't let that slow him down at all. Cosmo is bright, intelligent, and very sweet once he comes out of his shell. He'll need a home that can really devote time to training him and building his confidence. No small dogs or cats, please!

Find Cosmo here!

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Sonny Black

Age: 4 years old

Breed(s): Domestic Medium Hair

Hi! My name is Sonny Black. My brother and I are looking for a new forever home. Most describe me as a secret admirer. When it comes to relationships, I'm very level-headed. I don't leap in paws first, if you know what I mean. But give me a little time, and I'll shower you with purrs, head-butts, and plenty of lap time. In the meantime, you may not see a lot of me, but I'll be thinking a lot of you!

Find Sonny Black here!

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Age: 2 years old

Breed(s): Pitbull mix

Meet Nanook, a handsome, funny, and extremely intelligent 2-year-old boy. Nanook has been working non stop on new manners and learning fun things, like walking on a leash (did we mention he is a sweetheart who adores attention?).

This boy will need constant, continued training once in a home, but we can help you with that! As part of our L.E.A.P. fund, PARL is offering private, in-home training with Joyce Gauthier, a wonderful trainer. This will jump start Nanook's life out of the shelter and help make his adoption successful. Nanook is a gem of a dog who just needs a bit of polishing to shine.

Find Nanook here!

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Age: 3 years old

Breed(s): Domestic Short Hair

Hi! My name is Sinatra. My brother and I are looking for a new forever home. Most describe me as the leader of the band. I'm a cat who does everything in a big way. I not only like to be in the middle of things—I like to lead the parade. I'm an adventurous cat, but I'll still make plenty of time to show you my affectionate side. I'm the demonstrative type, you might say. Want a cat who's brimming with confidence? That's me.

Find Sinatra here!

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Sally & Jeff

Age: 2 years old

Breed(s): Degus

Hi, our names are Sally and Jeff and we are two peppy little degus in love! This also means we are PARL Pals and need to go home together, and our adoption fee will be a 2-for-1 deal! We are looking for a home full of fun where we can play all day.

Find Sally & Jeff here!

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Age: 6 years old

Breed(s): Domestic Short Hair

Hi! I'm Rosie and I'm 6 years old. I'm cuddly and young at heart and would love to be your new sidekick. Like all sidekicks, I'm just plain good company. I like attention, but I also like my solitude. I don't go looking for trouble but I'm no scaredy-cat, either. If you are looking for a steady companion to travel with you on the road of life, look no further.

Find Rosie here!

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Age: 4 years old

Breed(s): Hotot mix rabbit

Hi! My name is Abby and I'm a friendly little 4-year-old girl. I'm a Hotot mix that loves to relax in my crate, and I'm getting better at my litterbox every day. If you're looking for someone to lounge around with you, then I'm your girl!

Find Abby here!

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Age: 7 years old

Breed(s): Domestic Long Hair

Hello! My name is Yoshi. I am 7 years old and front declawed. My feline-ality is the Personal Assistant. You're working on the computer? Let me press the keys. Reading the paper? I'll hold the pages down for you. Watching TV? I'll just plop in your lap so you can pet me. I love an orderly household, don't you? I'll help you with all your chores, and I'll help you relax when we're done. You'll wonder how you ever managed without me.

Find Yoshi here!


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