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NEW: Women & Infants + Brown Pioneer New Down Syndrome Test

Monday, October 17, 2011



A prenatal DNA blood test reduces risks for mothers to be

A major innovation in prenatal screening was announced today by Women & Infants Hospital and Brown University's Alpert Medical School.

A new DNA-based prenatal blood test that can strikingly reduce the number of risky diagnostic procedures needed to identify a pregnancy with Down syndrome is ready to be introduced into clinical practice. The test can be offered as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy to women who have been identified as being at high risk for Down syndrome. These are the results of an international, multicenter study published online today in the journal Genetics in Medicine. The study, the largest and most comprehensive done to date, examined almost 1,700 pregnancies at high risk of chromosomal abnormalities, 212 of which were affected by Down syndrome.

The research was led by Jacob Canick, PhD, and Glenn Palomaki, PhD, of the Division of Medical Screening and Special Testing in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Women & Infants Hospital and The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, and included scientists at Sequenom, Inc. and Sequenom Center for Molecular Medicine, San Diego, CA, and an independent academic laboratory at the University of California at Los Angeles.

The test identified 98.6% of the Down syndrome pregnancies, while only 0.2% of the normal pregnancies were mistakenly called positive. The test rarely failed to provide a clinical interpretation (0.8%).  These findings, along with the detailed information learned from testing such a large number of samples, demonstrate that the new test will be highly effective when offered to women considering invasive testing.

Less invasive, more accurate

“With current screening methods, about one in every 30 women offered a follow-up invasive diagnostic procedure - amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS) - will be found to have a pregnancy with Down syndrome.  We expect the DNA-based test to more accurately determine which women should be offered invasive diagnostic testing.  As a result, most of the pregnancies referred for amniocentesis or CVS will be found to have Down syndrome,” said Dr. Canick.

Dr. Palomaki added, “If this new test is used as we’ve described, nearly all women with a normal pregnancy could avoid an invasive diagnostic procedure and its associated anxiety, cost, and potential for fetal loss.

Down syndrome

Down syndrome, also called trisomy 21, is a chromosomal disorder that includes mental retardation, characteristic facial features, and, often, heart defects, and affects one in 550 babies born each year in the US. Down syndrome occurs when each cell in an individual has three rather than the usual two copies of chromosome number 21. Current prenatal screening tests for Down syndrome combine maternal age with information from the measurement of maternal serum markers and ultrasound markers in the first and second trimesters of pregnancy. While these tests can detect up to 90% of Down syndrome cases, they also incorrectly identify 2% to 5% of normal pregnancies as positive. The new DNA-based test will reduce this “false positive” rate while maintaining the detection rate.

Reducing miscarriage risk

“Prenatal screening and diagnosis of Down syndrome has been part of routine prenatal care for decades, and it is estimated that nearly two-thirds of all pregnant women in the US are currently screened,” said Dr. Canick.  “It is possible that with the availability of this new DNA-based test, more women will opt for screening because of the increased safety resulting from far fewer amniocentesis and CVS procedures being performed.”  The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated in 1995 that about one in every 200 invasive diagnostic procedures will cause a pregnancy miscarriage.

This industry-sponsored project, awarded to Drs. Canick and Palomaki and Women & Infants Hospital in 2008, enrolled 4,500 women at 27 prenatal diagnostic centers throughout the world.  Women & Infants also served as one of the enrollment centers under the direction of maternal-fetal medicine specialist and director of Perinatal Genetics, Barbara O’Brien, MD.

“Screening tests, by their nature, do not diagnose, but rather offer information about the chances that a pregnancy may be affected by a genetic abnormality.  For years we have relied on screening tests that have had a fairly significant false positive rate because that was the best screening available,” said Dr. O’Brien.  “But having access to a DNA-based test that can be done early in pregnancy will give us more information so that we can better guide which patients should consider diagnostic testing.”

Women & Infants on the cutting edge of prenatal screening research

Women & Infants Hospital has been an international center for prenatal screening research. For more than three decades, Drs. Canick and Palomaki have collaborated with others in developing and improving screening tests for Down syndrome and other fetal abnormalities.  In 1988, Drs. Canick and Palomaki were involved in the development of triple marker screening. The team was able to convert its findings into prenatal screening tests now used throughout the world.  Dr. Canick’s lab in 1998 was the first in the US to offer quad marker screening and in the past decade was the laboratory center for the National Institute of Health (NIH) funded FASTER Trial which compared first and second trimester screening.

It was announced today that one version of this laboratory-developed test, MaterniT21, has been validated through clinical studies and is now available through the Sequenom Center for Molecular Medicine, a CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory.   Harry F. Hixson Jr., PhD, chairman and CEO of Sequenom, Inc., said, “We have been fortunate to partner in the clinical study and are proud to offer the service to assist specialists and high-risk patients in making more informed decisions about their pregnancy."


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The answer to the question is simple. Money is anything widely used for paying debts owed by a person to someone else and also for receiving the payments of debts owing to a person from someone else. A country produces coins and banknotes, (accepted by everyone) for the payment of bills and for the receipt of money owing.

Money is what is known as a "medium of exchange".

In the "old days" people traded the goods and services they owned (and probably produced) for goods and services owned by others (probably produced by them). The scenario went something like this - "you give me two sacks of your potatoes and I will trade you ten of my fish".

This method of trading was fine for a while. As society developed, business became more cumbersome and inefficient with this method of trade. Business dealings became stilted and slow and lagged behind the new pace of commerce. There had to be a better way. Some bright spark then came up with the idea of a common "medium of exchange" easier to carry around and better to use.

Money was born.

It wasn't that simple, because while all sorts of things were used as a medium of exchange, these were all basically called "money" and it wasn't until coins and paper notes were developed that money as we know it today became the standard accepted as a medium of exchange.

Forms of Money

There are various forms of money - cheques, IOU's, credit cards, bank drafts or gold. Gold was the standard used in the past because of its scarcity and its qualities. Gold is resistant to corrosion or damage. These unique properties, as well as the scarcity of gold means that even today, wealthy people around the world would rather keep their wealth in gold holdings than in the currencies of countries which are subject to inflation.

In fact, all sorts of things have been used as money throughout the ages. Some include: beads, eggs, salt, pigs, leather, yarn, axes, ivory and jade. Today we have another form of money, which cannot be touched, and yet it as real as the tangible coins we are able to touch. This form of money is electronic money.

The Name "Money"

The word money comes from the Roman goddess - Moneta. Apparently coins were minted in her temples and issued to the world, as the Romans knew it at the time. The Latin word "Moneta", (meaning mint or coins) came from the old English word "mynet" (meaning coins or money) and from this came the English word "mint".

Origins of Money

To understand the origins of money we have to go back to a time well before money came on the scene. Money did not suddenly appear - it was introduced gradually in response to the requirements of human needs. As civilization grew and expanded beyond local societies, the need to exchange the products provided by various groups became evident. The hunter needed to exchange with the farmer, the shepherd needed to exchange with the medicine man etc.

The medium of exchange that was necessary to enable the various groups to barter and swap their products was money. It was originally a physical substance like gold or silver. Sometimes it was a substance that was alive such as cattle, which was one of the oldest forms of money.

Today, although much of the money used by individuals in their everyday life is still in the form of notes and coins, its quantity is relatively small compared to the intangible types of money existing as entries in bank records.

Today money exists in the form of digital cash and such things as coins and bank notes will soon become obsolete. When this happens, the change in the nature of money will have a significant effect on our society.

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a good.Paul Hamm, Gymnast:"I owe significantly to great parents, especially my parents."

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