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Rhode Island’s Best Breakfast Joints

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Breakfast at Nick's is always a work of art. Photo: Dillon Burke.

We're not particularly fans of morning -- you know, up-and-at-em kind of people. It takes us a little while to get going in the a.m., but we're more apt to cooperate with the clock if we know there's a tasty breakfast in our immediate future. We set out to find 5 places that serve a sublime breakfast and came back with these 5 for you to try...

Nick's on Broadway, Providence

Can it really be a "joint" with local fluke making appearances on the menu? Well, can it really be a top breakfast list without Nick's? Well, "Yes!" to the first and "Heck, no!" to the second. Nick's is the neighborhood spot that every neighborhood wishes they had. Chef/owner Derek Wagner is among our small state's best at the stove. His flavors and textures call to mind the best meals we've had. We first discovered this spot, like many, for breakfast. The wife loves the house baked granola and some of the lighter options. She's been eating the granola since her first visit and shows no signs of changing her order.The husband only orders one thing too...the brioche french toast. He considers it the best version he's had. If you're a vegetarian there are even tofu options at breakfast. In the able hands at Nick's just about everything is delicious! Or check out lunch for the incredible burgers and pulled pork. Or come back for dinner for the local sea and land creatures artfully presented by Wagner and his team. 500 Broadway, 421-0286, www.nicksonbroadway.com

The Cozy Grill, Warwick

Each Sunday morning we convene at the Cozy Grill in, Warwick, with family and friends.It's the perfect location to reconnect with the people we love. Of course it doesn't hurt that the food is consistently good and the service is always friendly. The menu is huge and features all the classics you expect with a few twists throw in to keep you on your toes. Our nieces Sarah and Emma are normally the stars of the show and keeps us entertained while we enjoy favorites such as the Eastern omelette (ham and cheese, no veggies). Another big hit with family are the huge, freshly baked muffins. If you feel adventurous, check out the daily specials for things like cheeseburger Benedict, pulled pork and such. 440 Warwick Ave. 941-9088, www.thecozygrill.com

Cindy's Country Cafe, Portsmouth

Our friends in the southeast corner of the state have found Cindy's Country Cafe and told us in no uncertain terms to get there and check them out. Well we did and we did and we did. You get the picture. It was all they said it was: well-prepared comfort food at very reasonable prices served in a nice, clean, family-style dining room. We love it. The Portuguese sweet bread french toast is a tasty version of the classic with the sweet bread being a tasty choice for the bread. We also loved the Newporter breakfast sandwich. It had smoked turkey and cheddar cheese with scrambled eggs on a croissant. One of the other cool things about Cindy's is that if you happen to be a boater, they offer fresh provisions delivered right to your boat. French toast on Narragansett Bay? Count us in. 1324 West Main Rd. 683-5134, www.cindyscountrycafe.com

Coffee and Cream, North Smithfield

A recent trip to the badlands of northern Rhode Island left us hungry and in need of quick and reliable sustinance. Enter Coffee and Cream. This North Smithfield gem has been filling bellies for what seems like forever and shows no signs of slowing down. With the more than 50 inches of snow they got up here this winter it's a good thing the portions are large and the prices are low. We went for an old-school classic on our first visit -- the Monte Cristo. Original versions are dipped in egg batter and fried, but here they'd rather ingeniously put the grilled ham and Swiss between slices of their french toast and grill the whole thing. It's melty and oozy and other made-up words for "awesome!" We did not, however, try the Coffee and Cream challenge, which offers a T-shirt to the woman or man who can consume six eggs, four pieces of bacon, four pieces of sausage, toast and a full order of pancakes. Let us know if you try. We may come cheer you on! 4 Greenville Rd. 762-4352, www.coffeeandcream.biz

The Ocean Mist, Matunuck

Maybe it's this longer-than-long winter or just a general need for solar energy, but man do we miss summer Sunday breakfast at the Mist. The good news under this blanket of snow is that the Mist survived another winter of pounding from the Atlantic. After a long night sipping cocktails around the fire with cousins or on Mom's porch it is almost mandatory to revive with a Bloody Mary and a Mexican breakfast. The views of Block Island and its sound don't hurt the overall soothing effects either. We love the breakfast burritos and tacos. Something about the salt air and Mexican flavors just go together so well. Make sure to get there early as tables fill quickly and the line gets going outside. 895 Matunuck Beach Rd. 782-3740, www.oceanmist.net


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Nicks is the spot!

Comment #1 by anthony sionni on 2013 03 21

The Cozy Grill is definitely not what it used to be. I think a much better breakfast joint near there is the Sunrise Cafe on West Shore Rd. Huge selection of omlets and awesome hash, as well as the regular breakfast fare.

Comment #2 by Patrick Boyd on 2013 03 21

You need to check out the Athens Grill on Jefferson Blvd near the new train station. Way better than these.

Comment #3 by Dave Barry on 2013 03 21

Yolks at Walnut Hill Plaza in Woonsocket serves a great variety of breakfasts, all well made and priced right.

Even better, the Whistlestop in Albion (that's in Lincoln for all you northerly challenged readers and writers) serves the best! All homemade every day, including their muffins. Great specials, great hommade breakfast!

Comment #4 by John Ward on 2013 03 21

Ocean Mist is certainly on the top of my list

Comment #5 by Pamela Sherman on 2013 03 21

I think that getting seated in less than an hour should be a factor here, as well as not having people banging into your arm or having an ass in your face while eating. Yeah, the food at Nick's is good, but the service is average to poor. I'd like to nominate J. P. Spoonem's on Broad Street in Edgewood. The food is always good, the service very pleasant, and you can sit down right away with the locals.

Comment #6 by Mark Corsi on 2013 03 21

Liberty Elm Diner

Comment #7 by Michael Roles on 2013 03 21

I suggest Maizie's in Centerdale

Comment #8 by barry schiller on 2013 03 21

Coffee & Cream....If you ain't a regular your getting SNUBBED !!!!!

Comment #9 by Tom Ficca on 2013 03 22

Can't forget The Middle of No Where Diner" in Exeter!

Comment #10 by Rocky Toomey on 2013 04 18

Liberty Elm Diner is closed! Crazy Burger is the Best!!!!

Comment #11 by PO Taxpayer on 2013 04 23

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