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Newport Storm Adds Coffee To Brew For First ‘After Dinner’ Beer

Friday, November 01, 2013


Newport Storm's Annual Release '13 brings coffee into the brew--grab it while it's still available.

Leave it to Newport Storm to add Rhode Island's favorite flavor--coffee--to its latest brew.

The brewery's Annual Release '13, which is available beginning today, incorporated 50 pounds of "Newport Blend" coffee beans into the dark base beer during fermentation. The result: the perfect "after-dinner beer," according to Newport Storm, featuring bold flavors. The brew was also aged on wood from rum barrels "to add a hint of vanilla and bring out that 'sipping cordial' note for the after-drink character."

Newport Storm, based of course in Newport, RI, kept the project completely local: Pawtucket's Ocean Coffee Roasters supplied the beans for this limited-run brew.

The magic blend

“Pale and cara malts were carefully blended with German Chocolate Wheat, English Roasted and Chocolate malts to create a black-as-black base brew," said Newport Storm's brew master Derek Luke. "Just enough hops were added to balance out these sweet malts in a single kettle addition," he said.

As with previous Annual Releases, Luke said, the '13 was brewed within the first months of the year, and bottle conditioned for the last 6 months in 750ml bottles. "Mike [Kapos of Ocean Coffee Roasters] came to the brewery in early April to help add the 50 pounds of beans," Luke said. "The coffee and rum flavors were allowed to mature and fully develop over those months, to be ready for fans throughout RI, CT and MA, right in time for the holiday season."

How best to enjoy Annual 13? “We suggest you to enjoy this beer, straight up, without the cream and sugar, at 50 degrees F," Luke joked.

Get it now, get it signed November 14th

Only a single batch of the '13 (about 3,000 bottles) is brewed, so grab up this limited release beer before it sells out. Then, consider getting your bottle signed and meet the men behind the '13 on Thursday, November 14th. The first 30 people at the brewery with a bottle of '13 in hand (that's your ticket to this bottle signing event!) will be welcomed to a festive talk and bottle signing: from 6-8pm Derek Luke
and Mike Kapos will be at the Brewery chatting about what makes these little beans so tasty and that beer so special.

For more information and details where the '13 can be found, visit www.NewportStorm.com. For more information on Ocean Coffee Roasters, visit www.oceancoffee.com


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