Bakery Makes National News with “TSA-Compliant” Cupcakes

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


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Good enough for the TSA at TF Green: Silver Spoon's Compliant Cupcake.

Just when you thought cupcakes might be on their way off the cutting edge, a national scandal that started in Las Vegas has put a Rhode Island bakery in the headlines of some of the biggest media outlets in the country.

Silver Spoon Bakery, a made-to-order bakery that sells its treats via mail order and online, picked up on "Cupcakegate," the viral news story that involved a traveler having to surrender a cupcake-in-a-jar  because it was deemed by a TSA officer as dangerous. At issue: whether the contents were "gel," and therefore a banned substance on aircraft.

While coverage spread about the tiff (and the TSA defended its decision), Silver Spoon founder (and Cranston-bred) Kelly Colgan had a brilliant idea: she'd create a tongue-in-cheek (but sweet-tooth-satisfying) cupcake that riffed on Cupcakegate. The result--her "TSA-Compliant Cupcake"--is now the talk of the town in the Los Angeles Times, the Huffington Post, and TIME. GoLocal checked in with Colgan to see how she, and her confection, were handling all the attention.

So, a smart bit of baking and marketing has landed you in the public eye! Did you ever think the TSA-Compliant Cupcake would make national news?

We had no idea the TSA Compliant Cupcakes would take-off (no pun intended) as much as they have.  We basically created it one night as a complete spoof - just a really fun product to offer to customers.  In fact, the night we created it, we waffled with not even doing it; we were sure someone has already come up with it.  It's been an amazing journey - TIME, HuffPo, LA Times, Fox, it's sheer craziness and we could not be happier.

What inspired you to do it?

In the past, we offered the Big Blueberry Bug Cupcake - a mock Big Blue Bug on a blueberry cupcake, which won Best RI Landmark Cupcake at last March's Cupcake Madness in South County (The Towers).  People really love a fun take on modern events and we figured the TSA Compliant Cupcake would be no different.

What's happened nationally to you since your cupcake went national?

We've received a huge outpouring of support and encouragement from new and existing fans. We've been shipping all over - one of our most recent orders being a US Airways pilot! We're looking to expand into airports and partner with national chains and local vendors to offer our unique treats. We're offering the cupcake at - just submit some info and a member of the Silver Spoon staff will be in-touch to finalize the order.

How's local reaction been to the cupcake? What have people been saying here in RI?

People are loving it.  We've received demand for RI cupcakes - something featuring landmarks and icons like coffee milk and Buddy Cianci cupcakes (seriously!).  It's wild.

Do you think RI knows as much about the cupcake as readers of the LA Times, TIME, and the Huffington Post?

If people have been following our Facebook page, they're probably aware that this has gone national.  It basically went viral overnight.

Has anyone offered to try running the cupcake through security at Green Airport?

Yes!  In fact, we battlefield tested the cupcake yesterday at T.F. Green.  A loyal customer had our cupcake in-tow as he made his way to Florida.  I'm super excited to report the cupcake passed through all security checkpoints with no snags.  We were standing on the sidelines watching and received a big thumbs up noting that it went through.  Now, we're not only TSA Compliant, we're TSA Approved!

If you could get one thing through airport security that you can't right now, what would it be, and why?

I'd probably want to bring a gallon of milk to wash down the TSA Compliant Cupcake!

To see Kelly Colgan talk with Lauren Marchetti about the TSA Compliant Cupcake, don't miss GoLocalTV, fresh today at 4pm and on demand 24/7, here.


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