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Providence Ranked 94th Out of 102 Cities for Economic Ranking

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The new is bad. Just plain bad for Mayor Angel Taveras and the City of Providence.

Providence ranks 94th among all U.S. cities in a new index tracking the economic strength of the nation's largest metro areas. What is worse? Only 102 cities were ranked.

The bottom three - Riverside, CA (100), Las Vegas (101) and Tampa St. Pete (102).

Oklahoma City was ranked first in the country and Boston ranked ninth. 

The report was developed by a coalition of business journals.

Providence Rank:

Rank 94

Metro Providence

Overall score 28.615

Short-term score 28.911

Short-term rank 91

Long-term score 28.317

Long-term rank 87

5-year private-sector growth -6.60%

1-year private-sector growth 0.67%

Unemployment rate 9.8%

Earnings per worker $817.23

5-year earnings growth 9.41%

1-year earnings growth 4.80%

5-year house appreciation -22.58%

1-year house appreciation -2.08%


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Democrats in control for 70 plus years, David Cicilline in office 9 years left with $180 million in the hole...re-elected with 50% of the vote...

anyone else see a problem?

Comment #1 by Terrence Barrettee on 2012 11 13

There can be no disputing the fact that these disastrous statistics
are the direct result of Cicilline's mismanagement and Taveras had the
audacity to endorse him for congress! Mind boggling....

Comment #2 by Joseph Reynolds on 2012 11 13

The implication of the article below for pension fund returns and underfunded cities and towns in Rhode Island is truly frightening....a recession will exacerbate current conditions past the point of no return for many cities and towns in our state....What could be more important than this? Who is addressing it?

Bogle: Most Difficult Investment Conditions I've Ever Seen


Comment #3 by michael riley on 2012 11 13

Mr. Riley,

All I can say is pack up your family (and your money) and move to a more fiscally sane state. The people of Rhode Island have spoken. And they are retarded.

Comment #4 by george pratt on 2012 11 13

Joseph Reynolds, not only can your fact be disputed, it is absolutely false.

What you and GoLiarProv fail to understand is that the Providence metro area includes virtually all of Rhode Island and half of Bristol County, Massachusetts. To try to pin the economic performance of an entire region of that size onto the mayor of a single city is ludicrous.

Comment #5 by Rescue Duck on 2012 11 13

I agree with the above. It's hard to develop economically when taxes are high and the population isn't educated. There are many jobs unfilled because Rhode Islanders do not have the skills to get them. A high degree of political ignorance on the part of the electorate doesn't help. (who elected Cicilline?) Businesses do not want to move here due to taxes, uneducated populace, corrupt politicians and a welfare society that does not value work. We're doomed.

Comment #6 by Ed Jucation on 2012 11 13

At the end of the day, as long as the cops, fire fighters, and teachers' checks, don't bounce, nobody is going to care about some poll like this. The same democrats will get voted in, like death and taxes.

Comment #7 by David Beagle on 2012 11 13

what else is new, hey the people vote for the same crooks over and over and they reward cicilline with reelection after how he left the city.

I agree about taveras, he endorsed cicilline to, what a joke!

Comment #8 by anthony sionni on 2012 11 14

This state keeps electing the same Democratic ilk. If you want change, you won't get it with this crew of characters in there. They are more intent on giving away the store to the illegals, gays and anyone else walking around out there with their hands out.
Businesses have bailed out of this berg. Your skilled trades have packed up and left for a brighter future elsewhere.
Providence is a wasteland with the corrupt in charge. Those with government jobs had better hang onto them - you don't qualify for anything else.

Comment #9 by Gov- stench on 2012 11 19


Comment #10 by LENNY BRUCE on 2013 02 27

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