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VIDEO: WJAR NBC 10’s Bologna Drops “F” Bomb on Air

Friday, May 09, 2014


Alison Bologna, pictured at right, slipped during a news segment reporting on a fire truck accident in North Carolina.

WJAR NBC 10's Alison Bologna was caught on tape dropping the "f" bomb during a news segment on Thursday, May 8 at 7 PM.

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"WJAR NBC10's Alison Bologna says bad word lol" appeared on YouTube and was picked up by Ken Fang on awfulannouncing.com.

Bologna is an award-winning journalist, who anchors NBC 10 News at 7 p.m. with Dan Jaehnig, 5:30 p.m. with Gene Valicenti and reports with the NBC 10 Money Watchers Team, covering business and financial news of the day.  Prior to NBC 10, Alison anchored in Boston at Fox 25 News and produced undercover reports for Dateline NBC.



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Julie Tremmel's firing made headlines in New Zealand this weekend. MSN New Zealand cited GoLocalProv's report on Tremmel's grievance and the reactions from veteran news reporters at WJAR like Jim Taricani, who referred to the bear story as "a smudge on our stations reputation" in a Facebook post. 

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Daily Mail (UK)

MailOnline (or dailymail.co.uk) is the largest news site in the world, with a whopping 185 million visitiors per month and 11.7 million daily. Those millions of visitors were amused Monday by the goings on across the pond at WJAR, as the Mail ran a large story on Tremmel leaving. The Daily Mail's mammoth news site linked to the Starkman's story and lavished Tremmel's firing with a large spread, even noting that a petition to reinstate her is circulating on Facebook.

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Daily News

New York's Daily News is world famous for their tart headlines and coverage. They hopped on theTremmel story soon after it broke on GoLocal, knowing it was not to be missed. Their article, "Providence, R.I. TV Reporter Fired For Doing Handstand on Air," ran Thursday, replete with pictures and GIFs of Tremmel and her bear safety video.

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MassLive, a Springfield, MA metro-area news website affiliated with the newspaper The Republican, featured a piece by reporter Ray Kelly on Tremmel's firing, citing GoLocal's exclusive. Tremmel is well known in the Springfield area from her turn on WWLP-TV as a news reporter. Perhaps her fond fans in Springfield will once again accept Tremel with open arms should her suit against WJAR not work out successfully. 

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Jim Romenesko is a Midwestern journalist who runs one of the most popular blogs on media and politics amongst industry insiders. He deemed the story significant enough to garner attention on his site, posting a story on Tremel Monday entitled "Rhode Island TV Reporter is Fired After Doing Handstand on Air." Romenesko updated the story to include his favorite comment that someone had posted on his Facebook page in response to the story on the firing: "If you send your reporter out to shill for your network’s TV show, there really is no standard low enough to define a firing offense."

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Inside Edition

Inside Edition, one of America's most popular national entertainment and celebrity television programs, ran a story on Tremmel on the air Monday, getting even more dish from Tremmel on the firing. "They did a full blown investigation on the handstand piece as if it was a murder investigation,” said Tremmel of WJAR in the Inside Edition story.  

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The Land Down Under has not been spared the drama of the Tremmel firing either. 9News/MSN Austrailia's joint website ran a piece on Tremmel and WJAR one day after GoLocalProv broke the exclusive on her firing. The Austrailia site included Tremmel in a slideshow of some of the most outrageous news reports from all over the globe. Check out the story here to see Tremmel within a global context of bizarre news reports the world over.

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FTV Live

FTVLive, a national news site dedicated to insider stories from TV news rooms all across the country, cited GoLocalProv in a story Tuesday on Tremmel's firing. FTV noted that at the time of their writing, the Tremmel petition had garnered only 159 out of its goal of 1000 signatures. A long way to go to reinstatement, notes FTV.

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Media Bistro

Media Bistro, a website for news professionals that boasts 4 million registered users, reported on GoLocal's story that Tremmel is prepared to file suit against WJAR. The website, which maintains blogs and updates on all different types of print media, cited Tremmel's quote to Starkman that, “I was terminated without cause from WJAR and my Union and I are fighting it through the grievance and arbitration process in our Contract with the Station."

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The TV Page

The TV Page, another insider media website dedicated to reporting on those in TV journalism who normally do the reporting, cited GoLocalProv's story on Tremmel's firing in a piece on her parting with WJAR and her potential future in news media. Far from making her a persona non grata within TV news, The TV Page predicts her schism from WJAR to allow Tremmel to find her way to greener pastures. "I have $5 that says she will be on air in a much larger market in the next 45 days," says author of the story, and editor of The TV Page, Sean Daly. "Any takers?" The world will have to wait and see.


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