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NEW: Tara Granahan to Team Up With Buddy Cianci on WPRO

Monday, February 18, 2013


Buddy Cianci, WPRO AM

The changes keep rolling at 630 WPRO as the AM station tries to shake up the ratings and rebound.

In the past two years, the once leading radio news station has been in nearly constant change - the most recent is Tara Granahan will now join Buddy Cianci in the 3 pm to 6 pm slot. In the past two years Granahan has shifted from John DePetro's sidekick in morning drive, to co-host with Andrew Gobiel, to the reader of ads for Gene Valicenti, and now to Buddy Cianci's co-host.

Granahan replaces radio Hall of Famer Ron St. Pierre who was dismissed from Cumulus' WPRO.

Many Changes

Since Cumulus purchased Citadel, then the parent company of WPRO, the cost reductions have been nearly non-stop. In just the past couple of weeks Andrew Gobiel and St. Pierre have been cut loose. Now, Granahan joining the afternoon show could be an indication of more changes and cost reductions.

Gene Valicenti, lead news anchor at WJAR-TV

Valicenti the Newsman Pitching Ads

With the move of Granahan to the afternoon show it leaves WJAR's lead 6 pm anchor, Gene Valicenti, to do live advertising reads on his own during his morning show on WPRO. Valicenti endorsing companies and products in the morning may create a conflict situation for WJAR News. This is a potential conflict situation for Valincenti who may be reporting on those companies as a new story on TV, but is paid by that very company to endorse it in the morning. Valicenti does receive payment from the individual advertiser for live reads.


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I'll have to watch to see where Ron lands. Followed him from HJJ to PRO with no regrets. As the police officer says, "Nothing to see here, move along."

Comment #1 by John Ward on 2013 02 17

I don't know what ratings Cumulus is worried about, this is pretty much a one horse town as far as local talk radio. WHJJ cheaped out years ago, and no other station's signal can be heard for great distances. Plus all the other stations are too cheap to hire any legitimate talent that would provide any competition.

Comment #2 by David Beagle on 2013 02 17

Tara is so annoying with her endorsements...next move please...out the door!

No loss with St Pierre either.....too judgemental....

Depetro and York too pompous! Hopefully the lineup will change with the departure of these two...John rigged arbitron and York only cares about who does his xmas light setup and coloring his lawn...

Buddy and Matt are the best.....

Comment #3 by Geoffrey Brown on 2013 02 18

Well, for the most part I have switched completely to sports radio. WPRO has become hate/depression radio. I even switched my 83 year old dad over a few weeks ago. I agree with most of what Geoffrey says. No way i'll listen to Buddy and Tara. Two of the most annoying voices in radio.

Comment #4 by tom brady on 2013 02 18

Buddy needs a "crutch" in the studio, a legitimate radio person to help steer the ship. Who else is left after all the whackings that have taken place? I'd wager all those that hate everything about everyone at WPRO will still listen.

Comment #5 by David Beagle on 2013 02 18

I feel bad for Ron St. Pierre. He was on extensively during the blizzard. "thanks a lot Ron, don't let the door hit you on the way out." Tough business. Ron is a class act. The station, not so much.

Comment #6 by Michael Trenn on 2013 02 18

this combo will never last..Buddy needs a vile sidekick..TG won't play that game..Ron used to hate who Buddy said he was to hate..not happening w/TG..plus a woman w/Buddy ??..combustible

Comment #7 by frank bentley on 2013 02 19

Always changing something, this should be interesting.

Comment #8 by anthony sionni on 2013 02 19

Gotta be pain for Tara, now having to drive home through Providence around rush hour.

Comment #9 by David Beagle on 2013 02 19

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