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EventsHive.com Kicks Off

Friday, November 16, 2012


A new Web-based online comprehensive calendar was unveiled last night at the RI Convention Center. Events Hive is a interactive Web platform that features a statewide events calendar. By visiting Eventshive.com users can view event listings for up to 3 months taking place all over Rhode Island. Additionally users may view photo galleries of events and read reviews on specific events.

The company is founded by local marketing executive Rick Simone. He heads Bella Consulting and Events.

What makes Eventshive.com stand out is the ability to use a comprehensive calendar. This allows users to plan & research social events without searching multiple web sites.

Events Hive will start it roots in Providence and expand into new markets beginning in December 2012. The launch of this company brings with it jobs for marketing, sales, photographers, creative designers and web programmers. Events Hive’s overall goal is combine the most up to date social media, web development tools and event knowledge to build a constantly growing online community.

Additional information - visit www.Eventshive.com or call (401) 270-5285.



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