DePetro Out at WADK

Saturday, October 28, 2017


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John DePetro

The controversial talk show host John DePetro is out at the small Newport radio station — WADK.

"He left yesterday. I have no idea why," said Bonnie Gomes, owner of 3G Broadcasting, Inc which operates WADK. 

"He resigned yesterday. We have no harsh words, he has a lovely family, and I wish him well," said Gomes.

Gomes notes that DePetro was an outside contractor. 

"I've been in radio for 30 years, so I've seen it all," said Gomes. "It's unusual to say 'I'm done,' but in a way, it's not."

DePetro said he has not seen Gomes and he is launching a new venture. It will be announced on Monday morning at 8:00 AM.

"I broke the Joe DeLorenzo. It was a good experience. I did not go storming out in any way. She has not been in the office and planned on giving notice. I also offered to allow them to continue to run my broadcast," said DePetro. He reiterated that everyone at WADK is professional and "very nice."

WADK has removed DePetro from its website and deleted his podcasts.

In January, former WPRO talk show host DePetro announced that he was ”returning to radio" -- with an afternoon show on WADK.

At the time, DePetro wrote,“I proudly announce I return to the Rhode Island airwaves starting Wednesday, January 25, 2017,  taking your phone calls weekdays live from 1:00-5:00 p.m. on 1540 AM WADK. Together, we will make Rhode Island afternoon radio great again. The John DePetro Show will be broadcasting from the right side of the issues, on the right side of the dial at 1540 AM.

WADK is a Class D Station which is defined as one which “operates either daytime, limited time, or unlimited time with a nighttime power less than 0.250 kW and an equivalent RMS antenna field less than 141 mV/m at 1 km at the actual power. Class D stations shall operate with daytime powers not less than 0.250 kW nor more than 50 kW.”

DePetro and WPRO

DePetro announced that he was leaving WPRO on December 24, 2016. Then union-backed advocacy group "For Our Daughters" claimed victory. The group had been boycotting WPRO for what they claimed was sexist behavior by DePetro.


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