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RI Biz Winners and Flops

Wednesday, December 07, 2011


RI Biz Winners and Flops – a review of the people and companies that make RI’s economic engine go or slow. We now hit the winter months and RI's economy shows a mixed bag - early staged tech seems to be picking up steam. Unemployment still plagues RI, layoffs are still hitting Rhode Island including everything from financial services to old line media.


Betaspring - the incubator continues to innovate and create an infrastructure for emerging companies in Rhode Island.

Pension Reform - Rhode Island took a significant step to limit the problem. Let's see if Rhode Island business will keep active and involved.

(ADD)ventures - the Providence-based ad agencies clever pro-Providence video delivered at the Chamber dinner was one of the best articulations of why Providence is a great place for business that anyone has put forth.

Washington Trust’s Commercial Real Estate Group recently provided $5,250,000 in financing to Post Road Properties to refinance its five-building office complex. "The Airport Professional Office Park is attractive and conveniently located to both T.F. Green Airport and Interstate 95, making it an ideal site for local businesses,” stated Joseph J. MarcAurele, Washington Trust Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer. And, then the bank turned around and did a big deal in Coventry -- providing a $1,850,000 commercial mortgage to Soscia Enterprises, Inc. for the refinancing and completion of renovations to Coventry Shoppers Park, a neighborhood shopping plaza located at 22 Coventry Shoppers Park in Coventry, R.I.

Key to Rhode Island's economy is CVS and critical to the company is a fresh supply of smart pharmacists. The University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy set an ambitious goal for itself a few years ago – to make sure every graduating student passes his or her licensing exam following commencement. Last year’s graduating class achieved that goal for the first time in the school’s history. All 89 students in the class of 2011 earned passing grades on the National Association Pharmacy Licensing Exam and the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Exam during the testing period.  

Inskip's Auto Mall: The auto group has a major push to raise money for the Rhode Island Food Bank - not too often do you hear about an auto group making such a community effort. Kudos.


RI's leadership and reality: Rhode Island is ranked as a business environment 48th in the US by Forbes, 50th by CNBC, and 43rd by the business Web site Wall Street 24/7.  May be it is time for economic development leaders to evaluate why RI ranks so poorly and the impact that this business reputation has on investment into RI.

Unemployment: The numbers continue to be horrific and  the lack of action stifles Rhode Island's economic recovery. 

Rhode Island Recycled Metals on Allen's Avenue: The one area that Rhode Island scores well on the state rankings for business is "quality of life." (see rankings above) The piles of scrap on Allens Avenue and the runoff from the site are a black eye for the City and an embarrassment for environmental regulators.

Cumulus and A.H. Belo: The two national media groups continue to think that cutting local professionals and decreasing their content is the way to profitability. While the decreased content may benefit GoLocal, the lack of reporters and on air talent isn't good for anyone and adds to the employment problem. Plus, anyone who would cut Art Spencer (Lite 105 iconic DJ) isn't making sound business judgments.


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Leadership and reality?

Our elections are stolen and our media never questions nor examines the results of our statewide elections.
How is it our liberal candidates "sleepwalk" through the electoral process, to be rewarded by elected offices? Only to be investigated, indicted and incarcerated? This looks like a government make-work program for the FBI !!

How is it our closest 17 contests for General Assembly during the last election cycle ALL went to the liberal? Ask a statistician (as I did) and you'll learn, in a fair contest the outcome is ususlly in the form of a bell curve. 60:40...70:30...NEVER 100:0. In fact the odds, according to probability of ALL results going ONE way are 60,000:1. Yet, noone in the media asks a question. Noone in the public seems to care?

Amazing how we tolerate the intolerable. Permit the unpermissible. And never question authority. We allow trivial issues to cloud the reality of our condition. The name of a tree in the statehouse? The mortality of someone's pet rabbit? These are red-herrings designed to distract us as our rights and freedom is eroded by the same people we invest with our trust and who pretend to be honorable people.

When will we wake up to the reality that our condition is unreal? Our leaders are mere lemmings taking us over the cliff of insolvency and ruin? Our children will move away never to return (permanently). Why is this OK? Who are we to tolerate this?

Comment #1 by Paul Marshall on 2011 12 07

Elections are not random events. Rant on.

Comment #2 by Jonathan Flynn on 2011 12 08

Jonnie: I said based on statistical analysis utilizing predictive formulae the results fall outside the realm of reality.

The closest 17 election contests for G.A. statewide (I can list them if you desire) with a margin of 5% or less of voters casting ballots exhibit abbereations beyond the norm.

Any norm.

They are ab-normal.

In an election, "abnormal" equates to theft.

Theft on the left results in what we have here in RI today. A broken state marked by kleptocracy, nepotism, and an organized criminal effort at the statehouse.

Comment #3 by Paul Marshall on 2011 12 09

Jonnie? I'm not sure how many people call me Jonnie. I know, ZERO. Elections are effected by many factors and are not random, which is what statistics is about. Maybe the Republicans had bad, or at least worst candidates who had no money, no name recognition and no GROUND GAME. Close elections are not randomly distributed, they are won by people who know how to win them, without fraud being necessary.

Comment #4 by Jonathan Flynn on 2011 12 09

"In a fair contest." What's fair? This is a not a free market academic exercise. It is politics and you don't need the dead voting out of the 5th ward to win against the types of candidates the GOP has put up over the years. I know a couple of good ones in the last election who were ignored by the GOP once they announced. All to put signs on buses for a CLEAN SLATE. Memo to any candidate: if your ad is on a bus , you WILL NOT WIN.

Comment #5 by Jonathan Flynn on 2011 12 10

Little Jonnie:
Your use of "ad hominem" fallacious remarks is an invalid argument though widely used by liberal leftists to intimidate opposing points of view. Sad that this is the best you can do. I blame the local (unionized)education system. You're a victim, Jonnie. Poor ewe.

Thank you. You make my point so eloquently: "what is fair"?? Only a RI liberals would ask (maybe not know) the definition of fairness. What other concepts are you deficient? Integrity? Personal responsibility? Morality?

Strategically, when the local media sacrafices balance and fairness for access and ad sales I'd say that's not fair. Or when challenges by conservatives are unheard by election boards, so as to protect the status quo, or The FBI is forced to dod the job of the politicized A.G.'s office-I'd say this is not justice.

Tactically: when liberal goons funded by mandatory union dues support terror tactics like theft of conservative candidates' promo materials, or "key" their cars, smear candidates, or phone their supporters and threaten them, or many other ugly tactics.

For your edification, please YOUTUBE election fraud and you'll learn more. The popular trojan-horse voting machine vote theft is a good one, as is the dummy-machine location, and ubiquitous off role vote casting are just three of the vote stealing tactics. My question is: do we really trust RALPH MOLLIS to side with the people of RI over the force of his party in securing fair elections when the temptations are so great, and personal repercussions so grave?

Liberal/criminals believe: he who controls the voting machines-controls the outcome. Those who control the outcomes, controlthe budgets. Why are we bankrupt? Look in the mirror.

Comment #6 by Paul Marshall on 2011 12 11

You know where I get all my information about voting irregularities, it's NOT YOU TUBE. You can get edified on YOU TUBE, right after you're done watching sleeping kittens. Balance and Fairness. FOX NOISE IDIOT ALERT. Go ride a bus. See the people who need justice, it'snot conservative blowhards.

Comment #7 by Jonathan Flynn on 2011 12 12

Jon-Jon: You are so filled with love, tolerance, understanding and feelings for your fellow man it's truly moving! As is on display here. Guys like you are true leaders.

Love and all good things go out to you my brother from another mother. How did you get to be such a warm, compassionate and kind human being? So many of you "Occupiers" and liberals are just like you!

Love ya!

Comment #8 by Paul Marshall on 2011 12 12

Sarcasm is not your strong suit Mr. Marshall. You write ridiculous things and then become irate when someone challenges your "liberals are criminals" rant. Don't lead with your chin. Of course to do that, you would have to get your head out of Travis Rowley's hind quarters.

Comment #9 by Jonathan Flynn on 2011 12 12

Paulie, try English. It's a great language for those of us who know it.

Comment #10 by Jonathan Flynn on 2011 12 12

JJ: Your charm and wit are inspiring. What a wonderfull human being you are! Filled with love, grace and so willing to share. Your parents must have been remarkable peope!

Sending you love and all good things!

May the spirit of God be with you and all those who love you!

Merry Christmas!

Comment #11 by Paul Marshall on 2011 12 12

My parents were remarkable peope. They were also very nice people. Happy Holidays.

Comment #12 by Jonathan Flynn on 2011 12 12

I think these two guys should have a weekly "point-counterpoint" column.

Comment #13 by John Joseph on 2011 12 15

I agree with John Joseph! This was actually fun to read!

Comment #14 by Jami Ouellette on 2011 12 16

Thanks Jami. I do think the (ADD)Ventures video was quite well done and I'm a tough critic. Happy Holidays!

Comment #15 by Jonathan Flynn on 2011 12 16

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