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Saturday, January 08, 2011


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Happy New Year! With a brand new year ahead of us, anything is possible! We have been getting some fab beauty question so let’s keep the info flowing! Check it out…

My boyfriend got me a spa gift certificate for Christmas! We have a wedding in a couple of weeks and I want to get a facial prior to make sure my skin is in the best condition. How long before the event should one get a facial? And should I get extractions? –Amanda, 24, Coventry

First of all, kudos to your boyfriend! What a fabulous gift! Facials are really best at least a week prior to an event. You never know how your skin may react and you also want that coveted glow to kick in and that takes a couple of days. If you get extractions (which I highly recommend), you will need time to let your skin calm down and adapt to its new clean! Extractions are fantastic because your facialist literally squeezes the toxins, makeup, dirt and oil from your skin, leaving it squeaky clean and fresh.

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I usually use tinted moisturizer but have noticed in the winter I need more coverage. What do you suggest: Minerals? Liquid foundation? Cream foundation? I’m confused! –Serena, 29, Warwick

There are so many foundations out there, right? It really depends up on how much coverage you want and what type of skin you have. I highly recommend a good concealer for under eyes (try Becca Cosmetics Compact Concealer, $38, New Leaf Hair Studio), around the nose and to hide any blemishes or discoloration. For light coverage, which you’ve been using all along, tinted moisturizer (a fave is Laura Mercier, $42, Nordstrom) is the way to go. Mineral makeup (you can’t beat the price on e.l.f. Cosmetics Mineral Foundation, $5, Target) can go from light to medium coverage simply by layering the product on top of itself. Cream foundations (a good choice is the Balm’s Time Balm Foundation, $28, Sephora) are for maximum coverage and are definitely great for winter skin because they moisturize and conceal. Your best bet is to head to a makeup counter to try the textures and consistencies to feel what is right for your skin.

I have had my brows waxed and threaded before with equally pretty results, what’s better? --Kristy, 36, Providence

There really isn’t a “better” when it comes to brow care, it’s more of what you prefer. I have done both and right now waxing is my main method because my brows look clean and shaped and it doesn’t hurt much. Threading hurts a bit more (that’s up for debate!) but has equally gorgeous results and takes a bit less time. A few tips: be sure when you are having your brows waxed that the aesthetician uses a new spatula each time she applies wax and does not “double dip” causing contamination. For both waxing and threading, if your pain threshold is low, try taking Tyenol prior to your appointment and ask for a cooling gel afterward.

For the New Year, I cut and colored my long blonde hair into a dark brown bob. I love it and am getting a lot of compliments! I want to update my makeup to more than my standard gloss and mascara. What do you recommend for a novice?

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Well, congratulations on the new you! It sounds like you are hitting the ground running and it’s so much fun to update our makeup stashes! Since your hair is now darker, you can play with some colors you may have shied away from before. Plums, purples and deep grays (try a Smashbox Eyeshadow Trio in Megapixel, $28, Ulta) are gorgeous wintry colors or you can make your eyes and cheeks pop with bright shades (we adore Benefit’s Sugar Bomb, $28, Macy’s). You should also invest in concealer and a light foundation then add your gloss and mascara and you’re ready to go!


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