5 Ways To Look Younger Without Looking Like You’re Trying

Saturday, November 10, 2012


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Looking younger is not about being younger, but about taking advantage of your strengths. Here are 5 simple steps to doing it right.

Maintaining a young look through the years can be challenging and it doesn’t matter if you just turned 30 or 60 – you want to make the most of every age. There are things you can do to keep the pretty going no matter how old you are.

1. Use less makeup.

As you get older, the first thing you want to do is slap on more makeup, but less is more. To keep looking fresh, ease up on the dark eyeliner and frosted shadows that get trapped in the lines on your eyelids, and instead opt for a bright lipstick. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear eye makeup, but focus on your well cared for skin and that luscious lip color for a luminous polished look.

2. Keep hair current.

Nothing says youth like healthy locks in an up-to-date style. Some women get stuck in their heyday do, so if you’re still wearing your 80’s big bangs and crinkle curls, you’re looking old. Visit an excellent stylist for a fantastic new cut. And don’t be afraid to go grey – it can be exquisite with certain skin tones. But if you want to cover the greys, see a skilled colorists who can give you vibrant hues and lively color with depth.

3. Dress hipper.

Kill the mom jeans once and for all and get a great pair of boot cut dark wash. These will be the foundation for all your warm winter tops. Add a nice pair of leather boots or cute flats, and you can wear that long sweater that camouflages so nicely without looking like a frump. The jeans will make your look edgy enough to say you’re youthful and still involved.

4. Add trends sparingly.

Don’t go head to toe animal print but do sport that one accessory, whether it’s a great zebra calf hair tote or a snakeskin printed scarf, which says you still know what’s in and you’re willing to embrace it. Too much leopard and you risk resembling your great Aunt Edna dressed for holiday dinner. And although glitter seems to adorn everything these days, select just one sequined garment or accessory per ensemble. Looking like a Christmas tree is not youthful!

5. Update your jewelry.

Of course you cherish your grandmother’s pearl studs and the heart locket your hubby gave you on your wedding day, but youthful élan calls for a few bold pieces of jewelry. Silver is the hottest metal right now and a nice thick cuff or a shiny chain link necklace can up the style ante. Or choose one audaciously large and contemporary ring to make your fashion statement. You can still wear those precious trinkets when your little black dress begs for just the teeniest bit of twinkling adornment.

And if you’re in the job market again, keeping your look current without looking like well, you know, mutton dressed as lamb, can have you in the running right along with all the lovely young things. It isn’t easy letting go of the dazzling earlier version of yourself that could wear a flour sack and still look sexy. But life is full of change and constantly assessing and editing your personal style will keep you youthful and happier in the long run. And who wants to wear a flour sack anyways?

Donna Macdonald is a freelance writer who enjoys covering topics of interest to women, especially fragrance, style, beauty. She has also written marketing material for a women's book that hit the New York Times Bestseller list and netted her an up close and personal discussion on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  Donna currently writes her own personal blog, alovelyinconsequence.blogspot.com where she also writes about issues close to a woman's heart. Donna believes that when a woman finds beauty in the world, she will find beauty in herself.


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