5 Easy Ways to Get Italian Style Now

Saturday, August 10, 2013


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What are the secrets of those chic Italian fashionistas? Read on to find out how to get their look!

Were you lucky enough to have an Italian Nonna who taught you beauty and style secrets from the old country? The world may agree that Frenchwomen are some of the chicest creatures on earth but there is also a special something about Italian women that rivals even their Gallic sisters. Italian women have an alluring earthiness to them born of rough terrain and necessary hardiness. Their chic is as much an attitude as it is a fashion approach. No Nonna? Then our Italian tips are for you!

Quest for the best

Italian women love artisan workmanship in everything from soap to handbags. They cherish the old-world skills that create their hand knit sweaters and lace undergarments. It doesn't bother them to spend extra pennies for just a few things that will last forever or at least give good fashion mileage. Find small local boutiques that carry the lovely items you dream of and buy just a bit of the best you can afford.

Earth tones

Italian women chose colors close to the landscape and generally stay away from pastels. Try ecru, mustard, terra cotta, as well as brown and black to put together chic combinations with ease and flow.

Shoes make the woman

Italian women put their money in leather and their love of shoes goes back centuries. Italian shoes are imaginative and beautifully made; the leathers soft and supple. The effect is elegance and charm. Look for stores that still carry all leather shoes and boots made with nice trims, subtle stitching, and flair.


You will rarely see an Italian woman without a rich-looking bag. It is the staple of her wardrobe and just one bag will carry her through to high summer, when her choice then is usually a rattan tote. She knows a great bag will anchor her look and she will often choose one in a pop color, such as papaya or red to add contrast to her subdued clothing colors. Select your handbag carefully with an eye to faithful service for years to come and consider a daring color.


Italian women love their cashmere but they don't need to have 10 pashminas and a rainbow of sweaters to be happy. They know a few soft cashmere items will give them a feeling of luxury and will enhance their other inexpensive pieces. Check your labels and buy good quality two-ply cashmere. Stores will often crank out cashmere but you will only want one perfect sweater or shawl.

Gold fever

Italian women choose gold. They cherish the rich color which looks radiant against their skin tones and then they pile it on. Italy has a long goldsmith tradition but we all know how expensive it has become. Thankfully, designers have been creating some up-scale gold-plated and filled jewelry in inventive and unique designs. The costume jewelry at department store counters offers lots of luxe alternatives to the real thing. A slew of thin gold bangles running up your arm will look terrific with a plain t-shirt. Be creative and have fun with gold touches.


Italian women take their personal beauty rituals seriously and it still comes from Nonnie’s pantry–egg white masks and homemade salt scrubs, virgin olive oil for hair conditioning, and nibbles of parsley for fresh breath. There’s lots of Italian lore surrounding skin care and grooming that is steeped in Italian tradition and handed down through the ages. However, for the high fashion look they also adore, Italian women shop designer cosmetics for vibrant lip colors and strong eyeliners. To capture the look, visit the posh makeup counters but try more natural products for skin and body care.

Enhance your life with some style and beauty from the great Italia–Nonna-approved!


Donna Macdonald is a freelance writer who enjoys covering topics of interest to women, especially fragrance, style, beauty. She has also written marketing material for a women's book that hit the New York Times Bestseller list and netted her an up close and personal discussion on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Donna currently writes her own personal blog, alovelyinconsequence.blogspot.com where she also writes about issues close to a woman's heart. Donna believes that when a woman finds beauty in the world, she will find beauty in herself.


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